7 Weapon X Graduates Deadlier Than Wolverine


There have been many superheroes whohave been associated with the Weapon X project. Through Project Rebirth, Captain America had been the very first test subject, and he had been called Weapon I. Luke Cage also ranks among this program’s experiments. In spite of many failures, Weapon X comes back, and a new set of scientists always emerge thinking that they can correct all the wrongs. Sabretooth and Wolverine and many others have adopted Weapon X’s name, and this team has been committed to stopping almost anything that resembles this program. In light of this, here we have for you 7 Weapon X graduates who are deadlier than Wolverine:

1. X-23

Laura Kinney (X-23) is a clone of Logan and the scientists that had created her gave her some improvements, and she has adamantium claws that protrude from her feet as well.


Victor Creed’s origin has surely varied over the past few years but, he is irrevocably tied to Logan. Sabretooth has used his powers to become one of the most lethal assassins. Creed had been on the Team X with Kestrel, Logan, Maverick and Silver Fox. But his Sabretooth’s wild side had led to the team’s dissolution.


Wade Wilson has the perks of being a Weapon X member and also has expert combat skills. The MercWith A Mouth has proven that he cannot be trifled with. He was an Avenger and, in also aided most heroic teams.


Ajax is an anomaly among the Weapon X products as he had volunteered for this program. This villain had soon become very powerful and the new Ajax has super speed and strength.


Kane had been a hero before this program. An explosion had caused him to lose his legs and arms, and Weapon X had capitalized on this. This program had made Kane a cyborg and he then upgrades and this allows Kane to copy all the abilities of almost any Weapon X member.


Ultimaton (XV) is a super soldier and had been unleashed when A.I.M. had destroyed its home. Weapon XV’s power set includes manipulation of electromagnetic radiation. Ultimaton’s most impressive achievements had come when the human-sentinel hybrid had defeated Cyclops, Fantomex and Wolverine.


Weapon H had been created to become more powerful than Wolverine. Clayton has been subjected to Weapon X’s Dr Alba, and the result was a Hulk-Wolverine hybrid. Weapon H retains a huge part of his brain. In spite of his monstrous and huge appearance, he has brains to go with his brawn.


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