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The two time champion at the WWE Women’s Championship had left her job at WWE all of sudden for conspiracy against her. In 1985, The Fabulous Moolah in disguise pinned her shoulder to the mat and the referee was also involved in the plan as the plan was conducted by the WWF Chairman who brought in Moolah after she denied to sign a contract. Richter had a five-year contract with WWF and she refused the Chairman. After realizing, it was all a plan to remove her from WWF, Richter left the arena and left WWF as well.

She signed with WWF in 1983 and held the WWF Women’s Championship twice. She also made a storyline with the singer Cyndi Lauper and named their alliance as Rock n Wrestling. Richter was trained at The Fabulous Moolah’s Lillian Ellison School of Professional Wrestling and made her professional debut in 1979. She wrestled at the National Wrestling Alliance and won the NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championship with Joyce Grable. Then she joined WWF. After leaving WWF, she appeared in several independent circuit promotions. In 2010, she was inducted to be into the WWE Hall of Fame.

She was born on 6th September in 1961 in Dallas, Texas. During school, she participated in volleyball, cross-country, and track. She will be featured in the documentary, Circle of Champions: The History of Women’s Pro Wrestling.

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