Wonder Woman 1984: The Cast Recreates Famous The Breakfast Club Image


The Wonder Woman sequel is based in the 1984, which happens to be a year prior to the release of Hughes’ movie which had become a landmark in the 1980s. Hughes’ 80s creation has featured on more than one occasion in the comic book films in recent years. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming impressed us by lifting some elements from the teen films that Hughes’ was renowned for and had recreated the poster of The Breakfast Club for a web promotion. Now, the Wonder Woman 1984 cast joined in on the fun.

The latest group photo from Wonder Woman 1984 shows Gal Gadot as Molly Ringwald, Chris Pine as Anthony Michael Hall, Kristen Wiig as Ally Sheedy, Pedro Pascal as Emilio Estevez, and director Patty Jenkins as Judd Nelson. The photo doesn’t reveal what role Pascal is playing in the film, nor reveals anything about the plot. Rather, it is just a fantastic photograph of the cast enjoying together.


Although the latest Wonder Woman 1984 set image hasn’t revealed anything, it is the first time that the whole cast has been clicked together, at least among the images that have been released after the start of filming. Pedro Pascal had shared the image on social media, but, it was later removed due to unknown reasons.

This social media post extends the streak that Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot have continued by sharing set images from the upcoming movie which has been making fans wonder about the return of Steve Trevor from the dead and also about the character played by Pascal.

Other Wonder Woman 1984 news revealed that the production had recreated the famous Smithsonian 1984 Fundraiser gala. Images from the set featured cars from that era and a photo of Gal Gadot in a fantastic 1980s formal wear for the event. During filming around the Washington D.C., various set images and videos have been leaked online. However, Patty Jenkins and her team have successfully kept everything secretive, despite the stream of leaks online.

Wonder Woman 1984 is now gearing up for a shoot in London, and extra footage will be filmed in the Canary Islands, where a whole Egyptian village was erected for the film. There is still well over a year to go before the movie hits the big screen, and that means we will have to wait for many more months before seeing the footage that the cast had revealed during the SDCC earlier this year. For the time being, we can take a look at this fabulous new group photo that recreates the famous poster for The Breakfast Club, and you can check it below, courtesy of the Warner Bros. U.K. Shop Twitter account.