26 Epic Wonder Woman Comics And Memes That Are Too Funny


If there is ever to be a wake-up call for the entire comic book film landscape, it had to be the 2017 DC movie,  Wonder Woman. With this character having made her debut appearance in the movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Diana Prince had soon gotten her stand-alone film one year after. Of course, the next movie in this franchise, Justice League has performed really badly, but for a while, Wonder Woman had given some hope to the DCEU. In other words, the movie, Wonder Woman had given all the fans a lot of hope that Warner Brothers can actually create a decent and enjoyable DC film, and many thought that this was just the start of the reinvigoration of the shared DC universe. Without the multi-million dollar franchise on its shoulders, the movie, Wonder Woman had become a film with a lot of odds stacked against it.

Female-led superhero films had never really been given good and appropriate treatments before this, and this had led to the belief that they are not worth investing in. One must note that Marvel is now releasing its female-led movie, Captain Marvel, in 2019 and the trailers have proven to be amazing. In spite of all the odds, the director, Patty Jenkins, and the lead actress, Gal Gadot ensured that the movie, Wonder Woman becomes become the 5th biggest superhero film ever time. With all the fame and universal praise comes the wave of hilarious memes. In light of this, here we have for you, 26 funny Wonder Woman comics:

1. Wonder Woman’s Batman Impression

2. Say You’re Sorry

3. More Like Badman

4. Waiting For Gadot

5. Super Mortals

6. Late Dinner

7. Wondering About Boys

8. Pretending To Be Hurt

9. What They Really Mean

10. Batman Makes A New Family

11. Star Crossed

12. She Don’t Need No Man

13. Love More Powerful Than A Mountain

14. The Most Romantic Thing

15. Sparring Partners

16. Tug Of War

17. Disney’s Wonder Woman

18. The Telltale Cape

19. Chibi Chris Pine And Gal Gadot

20. Together

21. Nothing More

22. Don’t Fly Away This Time

23. All Tied Up

24. Batman & Wonder Woman Get Closer 1/2

25. Batman & Wonder Woman Get Closer 2/2

26. On Cloud Nine


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