10 Mind-Blowing Wonder Woman Super Powers That Make Her Fearsome


Among the various comic book based movies that released last year, Wonder Woman was undoubtedly among the best, and everyone fell in love with Gal Gadot’s performance as the leading character in the first-ever solo movie of her career. The Wonder Woman film did a great job in depicting the superhero’s origin story, but, we didn’t really get to see the detailed evolution of the Wonder Woman. Some of her most incredible superpowers were not depicted in the film. However, here we have decided to reveal some Wonder Woman superpowers that you might not have any idea about.

Super Healing

Unlike superheroes such as The Flash, Wolverine, Deadpool etc., we never really think of Wonder Woman when we discuss the super healing powers. However, it is a surprise that Wonder Woman is also blessed with super healing. The most prominent sign is that she doesn’t age as quickly as the other normal Humans do since she is Zeus’s daughter. However, her Super Healing power is dependent upon which version of the story you look at. One story mentions that Wonder Woman’s Healing power originates from Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, and the other story mentions that she got the Super Healing power after drinking water from the fountain of youth.

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Once again, this is obviously not something that we associate with Wonder Woman. However, she is a Telepath, just like Professor X, Jean Grey or Martian Manhunter. She has mastered the art of using her mind for communication over the ages, and she got this power from Ares. Quite often, this power is used by her to communicate with Soldiers, and she is capable of even controlling them by using this power.

Resistance to Electricity  

This one is not a power that Wonder Woman got from the Greek Gods. Among the long-term Wonder Woman villains, Dr Psycho once used the Electro Atomizer on her which rather than beating her, made her immune to electricity.

Animal Empathy

Artemis, the God of Hunt, gave Wonder Woman this power, but, she doesn’t have it as strongly as the Squirrel Girl. Wonder Woman has used this power to befriend some dinosaurs to help her. She doesn’t use this power only during battles, but, she has also interacted with animals such as a family of polar bears at a time when she felt lonely.

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Magic Resistance

This is not much surprising as she is a God and unlike the Kryptonian Man of Steel, she is highly resistant to Magic. It is not as if she is completely unaffected by magical attacks, but, she has the power to resist to a great extent.


Teleportation is one more rarely seen, but, the incredible power of Wonder Woman, witnessed in the comics. Initially, she was depicted as capable of teleporting from one place to another freely, but, subsequently, her powers were curtailed, and her teleportation was explained by revealing that she could only teleport a mental image of her body being projected to the desired location. Yet, this mental projection of her can get injured, and that is the reason why she doesn’t use this power regularly (Star Wars: The Last Jedi showed Luke Skywalker do something identical).

Super Breath

This power of Wonder Woman is identical to Superman, as her incredible physical strength extends to her lungs too and she can blow air with the velocity of a storm. However, the difference that she has is that her breath cannot freeze her enemies.

Invulnerability to Fire

The Goddess of the Hearth, Hestia gave her the Lasso of Truth, but, among her main powers was a defensive ability. In various iterations of her story, Wonder Woman is shown to be unaffected by fire. She escaped unscathed in an experiment that would have turned any normal person into a pile of ashes as she stood in the thick of the mystical flames of Ares.

Supernatural Beauty

Well, this is one power that the drop-dead gorgeous Gal Gadot proved because fans went crazy when they saw the Israeli beauty on the big screen. While this might not be a power that can bring down many of her enemies, but, Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, gave her this incredible power that would make people queue up for her, and fall in love with her.

Super Strength

It is well-known that Wonder Woman has superhuman strength, but, her power levels are not precisely known. A lot of fans haven’t seen without her Bracelets, but, if she removes her Bracelets that doesn’t’ mean she is taking off a piece of her accessories because removing the bracelets enhances Wonder Woman’s power incredibly. However, she has to pay a big price for doing that because her Bracelets are like controllers and taking them off makes her go mad. Therefore, anyone who faces her in the absence of her Bracelets is surely doomed.  


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