Wonder Woman’s Sword Umbrella is a Gift From the Gods


As we all know, Wonder Woman’s God Killer sword had been gifted to the Amazons from Zeus and this could be used to kill Ares, who is the God of War. As all of us had seen saw in the Gal Gadot-starring movie, the sword did not live up to its product description, and the real God Killer had been Wonder Woman herself.

The tower on Themyscira had contained a sword which could actually be used to slay Zeus’ rainstorms. If you are a fan who wants to wield the Rain Killer sword, pre-orders are now available for $33.99, and this also has free shipping that has been slated for April.

Quantities are pretty limited, so make sure you reserve one soon. Just make sure you do not hide it in your dress.

On another related note, Marvel had recently released its luxurious Captain Marvel bathrobe, and this is available for pre-order at $46.99, and it comes with free shipping, and this has been slated for June. The matching slippers are also available for $19.99 with free shipping.


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