61 Yvette Mimieux Sexy Pictures Are Here To Fill Your Heart with Joy And Happiness

61 Yvette Mimieux Sexy Pictures Are Here To Fill Your Heart with Joy And Happiness

Hollywood Starlet Yvette Carmen Mimieux is a retired actress, producer, screenwriter and businesswoman. She showed her versatility in two films of the 1960s. In her first feature with MGM, The Time Machine, her role as a primitive cavewoman future took other’s attention. Her role as a happy-go-lucky teenager in Where The Boys Are was critically acclaimed. She was once described by the critic, as “a much better actress than the parts she gets,” as she struggled to get good compatible roles to show both –her talent and body. Later in 1976, her role as a falsely imprisoned woman in Jackson county Jail helped her to show talent.

Mimieux was born on 8th January 1942 in Los Angeles, California. She was married to film director Stanley Donen (1972-85) and then to Howard F. Ruby, in 1985.

Fascinated by her beauty, Jim Byron suggested her to be an actress.

Her first acting appearances were in episodes of the TV shows Yancy Derringer and One Step Beyond.

She had a central role in Light in the Piazza (1962) playing a mentally disabled girl. The film was well regarded critically.

While at MGM, Mimieux had a guest appearance on two episodes of Dr. Kildare.  She played a terminally ill surfer – a much-acclaimed performance. In her appearance, she was the first person on American television to show her navel.

Mimieux gradually made Looking for Love (1964), Joy in the Morning (1965), etc.

She had a role in the critically acclaimed movie The Picasso Summer (1969).

In the 1970s Mimieux had a business selling Haitian products and studied archeology; By the early 1970s, Mimieux was unhappy with the roles offered to female actors.

She wrote a thriller which was aired as Hit Lady by ABC.

She made Obsessive Love (1984), a television movie about a female stalker which she co-wrote and co-produced.

Mimieux retired from acting in 1992.

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