10 Perfect Slave Leia Mashups Will Amaze You With Creativity!


Being a die hard fan, I can assure you that one thing that has never lacked in the Star Wars Fandom is “Creativity”. You can randomly pick some of the fan-arts on deviantart.com and you will be like “Oh my gosh, this Darth Vader as Hitler looks mind blowing, this guy should start selling this”. The Cosplay is fantastic field to bring your ideas to life, and mashup cosplay is a genre that’s picking up a lot of attention these days. In Mashup Cosplay, you infuse 2 or more than 2 characters to create a new original character. We have picked up some of the best Slave Leia Mash-up Cosplays that will make you go “WOW”, go ahead and check out some of the best pictures in this cosplay genre :

1. Asajj Ventress

1. Asajj Ventress


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