15 Reasons Why Rogue One Is Superior To George Lucas’s Prequel Trilogy

15 Reasons Why Rogue One Is Superior To George Lucas’s Prequel Trilogy

The creators of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story couldn’t make a film to satisfy the die-hard fans of Star Wars. That gathering of people, while vast, isn’t the only crowd. This is the essence of what has made Rogue One the achievement that it is. It figured out how to straddle both universes, and in the process it gave us the best prequel film in the series. Here’s why…

1. It’s only a prequel for namesake

A major discussion around Rogue One is whether this film is truly a prequel. Many individuals say that it isn’t, while others pronounce that it is. I for one imagine that it is, in any case, you could take out the greatest things that associate it to Episode 4 and you would still have a tremendous film. Amongst one of them is Senator Bail Organa. He figured noticeably in the official Star Wars Prequel trilogy. His presence in Rogue One is an immediate connection to those movies. It further embeds Rogue One in that course of events. Add to this the cameo by Princess Leia toward the end of the film, and Grand Moff Tarkin’s role, and it genuinely seems as though we have a 5 hour rendition of Episode 4. What isolates Rogue One and makes it better than the prequel trilogy is that it needn’t bother with the Star Wars course of events. It needn’t bother with those characters to be a superior film. With the prequels it always felt like we were sitting tight to something to happen. However, Rogue One is continually moving and that’s the beauty.


2. Rogue One is not bound by principles of the prequel trilogy

I delighted in the way that Rogue One kicked the prequel trilogy customs and broke new ground while doing it. We require these standalone movies to not be bound by rules from the movies in the trilogy. Why? That’s simply because it has characters like Jyn Erso, Saw Gerrera, Cassian Andor, ChirrutImwe and numerous others exist.

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