7 Exceptional Photos With Must-Know Fun Facts About Kaley Cuoco!


The star Kaley Cuoco of “Big Bang Theory” has turned into the “the” lady of Hollywood in recent years. You may think you know practically everything about her. Well, you should reconsider. Here are some astonishing realities about the sitcom hotshot;

1. She completed secondary school at 16

According to reports, Cuoco was self-taught and earned her diploma when she was just 16. Her mother insisted that she had to be home-schooled, and however, she joined the world of act at a very tender age of 5 years. She was part of my commercials and kiddies shows. 


2. Kaley wasn’t the first choice for the show.

Trust it or not, the main female character in the show was initially going to be played by Canadian performer Amanda Walsh. As per the International Business Times, Walsh featured in the first pilot as the character Katie, yet CBS rejected the show. In the end, the system picked up the show when Cuoco supplanted Walsh as the now-famous character, Penny.

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