7 Facts About Most Influential Sith – “Darth Bane: The Creator “Rule Of Two.”

7. Reform of the Sith.

Being the last existing Sith, Darth Bane was really the ace of the Sith and the dark side. In fact, all he required was an apprentice. Before leaving the planet, he found a female kid named Rain. She was initially enrolled to battle for the Jedi’s Army of Light. She got to know a nearby occupant on Ruusan named Laa, whom she shielded from the idea bomb with a bubble of Force energy. A little while later, she saw some Jedi erroneously slaughter Laa. She was so overwhelmed by fury and sadness that she killed the Jedi. This show of force and fierceness caught the attention of Darth Bane. Seeing her potential, Bane chose to take her on as a disciple. Similar to Bane, Rain cast away her previous life and was called Darth Zannah thereafter.

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