7 Most Sensuous Females Cosplayers.


“Cosplay” originates from the expressions “costume” and “play”. It has, lately given rise to heated discussion. The allegations are that the practice tends towards the sexist: With beautiful ladies taking on the appearance of sensuous female versions of fantasy characters thereby making a profession out their photographs.

Whatever the case is, fans can follow their most loved cosplayers and look at them without making a road trip to each huge Comic Con. These cosplayers have the greatest pool of web-based social networking likes, followers, and admirers. We have here, the top 7….

7. Destiny Nickelsen

Nickelson has more than 433,000 likes on her Facebook page. Costuming has been a lifestyle for her ever since she was a young girl, when her mother showed her how to sew at the tender age of 6.

For her entire life, Nickelson grew up making her own Halloween outfits. She went to her first convention in 2003 and became hopelessly enamored with the craft of cosplay.

Popular for her detailing and thoughtfulness regarding the “seemingly insignificant details”, she has a fan following by making herself accessible for panels and judging so she can pass on her skills.

6. Stella Chuu

Stella Chuu refers to herself as “The Anime Princess of Burlesque.” This gives her a one of a kind style that makes her different from other cosplayers. With more than 500,000 likes on her Facebook page, Stella initially began cosplaying in secondary school. In 2011 she began to concentrate more on her cosplay and vaudeville work.

Her very first cosplay was Sakura from “Naruto”. She shows up at different cons around the country talking about feminism and etiquette on various panels. She also gives vaudeville performances to various audiences. Stella takes motivation from renowned cosplayers and uses their success to drive her own work.


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