10 Amazing Facts About Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY

8. The Joker Petrified Michael Caine

When Michael Caine saw Heath Ledger’s interpretation of The Joker for the first time, it was in the penthouse scene which had the Clown Prince of Crime tossing Rachel Dawes from the building. The incredible British performing artist later revealed that he was so shocked seeing the on-screen character in his full form, that he completely forgot his lines when Joker walked in.


7. A Bomb Scare By The Dark Knight

A standout amongst the most surprising cases of a viral promotional effort is what Warner Bros. thought of for The Dark Knight. The studio got pastry shops all over America to distribute a free cake to the first person who strolled in and identified themselves as “Robbin Banks”. Those cakes had “Call Me Now” written on them with a telephone number. Furthermore, when they called on that number, there was a telephone in the cake. Thereafter, fans had to follow a series of instructions to contact The Joker.
Things turned out badly when a Texas silver screen group chose to copy this interesting marketing campaign. Sadly, they neglected to tell all that they were promoting The Dark Knight. After that, when KENS 5 T, a news station in San Antonio got a cake which had a “concealed bomb” as opposed to a telephone inside it, the building was immediately cleared and the bomb squad was brought in.

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