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    Star Trek: The Next Generation – Patrick Stewart Enjoys A Reunion Dinner With The...

    Earlier in the week, Patrick Stewart once again met his Star Trek: The Next Generation team members for dinner. Marina Sirtis shared the images of the team on social...

    REPORT: Chrises At Star Trek 4 As Chris Hemsworth And Chris Pine Leave Due...

    The Hollywood Reporter claims that actors Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth have exited the Star Trek 4 as discussions have failed. According to THR, the talks eventually failed due...

    Star Trek Actress, [Spoiler] Will Bring To Life Typhoid Mary In Iron Fist

    Almost seven months after the character had joined the cast of Iron Fist, all the fans now know who the actress, Alice Eve plays in season 2 -the Daredevil's...

    7 Reasons To Be Hyped For Star Trek Discovery.

    Star Trek: Discovery will go where no Trek TV series has gone before: straight into the universe of internet streaming thereby bypassing a customary broadcast in favor of being...

    10 Actors Who Acted In Both Star Wars & Star Trek!

    Star Trek and Star Wars are frequently looked upon as two sides of the same coin. The previous is loved for its philosophical way to deal with the genre...

    7 Fun Facts About Jolene Blalock: Star Trek

    Jolene Blalock essayed the role of T'Pol on Star Trek: Enterprise. What’s more, here are 7 fun facts about this stunning beauty; 1.Hails From San Diego She was born in San...

    Star Trek’s Original Crew Recast As Cats In New Illustrated Book.

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    4 Reasons – Trekkies Started To Love Battlestar Galactica More Than Star Trek!

    The Star Trek fans are faced with a new dilemma ever since they got hooked on to Battlestar Galactica. As expected, the comparisons are sure to happen. But the...

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