10 Of The Most Sensuous Women In The Life Of Ryan Reynolds

8. Kristen Johnston

Kristen Johnston was another cougar, she was nine years his elder to him. Reynolds caught hold of her in spite of the fact that she was at the peak of her profession in her hit series titled 3rd Rock from the Sun while he was rather unknown. The relationship kept going for five months before they broke up in 1999. He was 23 years old while she was 32. Amid their relationship, the two attended a red carpet occasion together. She is still leading single life.


7. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is a hot item in Hollywood. She has Ryan Gosling and Matthew McConaughey. A couple of years prior, Ryan Reynolds was linked to Sandra Bullock. He was supposedly on one of his many rebounds after he got divorced from Scarlett Johansson. Be that as it may, Bullock said that they were not “romantically inclined” and were just buddies. However, in an unforeseen development, Scarlett Johansson purportedly gave her consensus to the new couple. A source said that she really respected Bullock. She additionally said she knew how much Reynolds longed to be a father and how Bullock valued parenthood.