5 Darth Vaders And Their Current Whereabouts

3. David Prowse (Episodes IV-VI)

Prowse, the bodybuilder, leant his heavy frame to Darth Vader in the first trilogy. His voice, however wasn’t that imposing. Currently 80, served as youngsters’ road safety superhero as the Green Cross Code man through the 70s and 80s. Furthermore, he went about as physical mentor on some notable movies. This includes helping Christopher Reeves beef up for Superman and Cary Elwes for The Princess Bride. He has shown up in different fan movies including 2004’s Saving Star Wars. In addition to this, George Lucas banned Prowse from going to official Star Wars occasions in 2010, since he thought the performing artist had cut off numerous ties.


4. Sebastian Shaw (Episode VI)

Prowse had evidently been guaranteed that despite the fact that he wasn’t the voice of Vader, he would in any event play Anakin after his unmasking in Return of the Jedi. That wasn’t the case. The part went to another British on-screen character, a veteran of the Royal Shakespeare Company. The role came at the fag-end of Shaw’s vocation, despite the fact that he followed it up with some TV appearances including a 1988 episode of Casualty. Shaw died at the age of 89 in1994. This means, he didn’t live to see his Force apparition supplanted by Hayden Christensen in the carefully restored DVD release of Return Of The Jedi.

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