5 Sexist Comic Super heroines Creating Ripples Even Today

3. Tigra

A super heroine in a bathing suit isn’t something unheard of but why a bathing suit? Tiagra, one of Marvel’s heroes, though not the most popular, began as a crime fighter sans superpowers in 1972. It was in 1974 that she transformed into a tiger woman with added vigor, dexterity and a bikini. What angered the critics though was not just her costume but the concept of her being brutally beaten up by the villain Hood, in New Avengers #35. She put up a poor show and a dismal performance where she lost like a whining damsel and not a super heroine.


2. Wonder Woman

She is one of DC’s big three, the other two being Superman and Batman but what fails to make sense is, why on earth would an Amazonian Princess dress in such a bizarre fashion?! A logical explanation might be found if we checked with the maker of the character, that is, Psychologist William Moulton Marston. Initially, the costume he penned down was rather ridiculous but not as revealing. Later however, Moulton had a penchant for bondage and delighted in scenes where Wonder Woman was tied up by captors. This was a regular feature in almost all comics. The change you ask? Well, today Wonder Woman isn’t tied up that much anymore but her costume has most certainly shrunk way in size. It’s more like, “Honey, I shrunk the costume!”

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