7 Facts About Most Influential Sith – “Darth Bane: The Creator “Rule Of Two.”

5. “Always two there are. No more, no less. A Master and an Apprentice.” –Yoda

One of the most essential things he gained from the Holocron was the “Rule of Two.” Bane discovered that the dark side is shared among each one of the individuals who utilize it. If a huge order of Sith exists at the same time, then the force of the dark side is spread thinly among each person from that order. Nevertheless, if it is decreased to just two, then the dark side would be packed in those two. The two individuals would be the Master and the Apprentice, one to exemplify the power and another to desire it. The student will then eventually execute his master and turn into the master. Along these lines, each new master will be more powerful than the last thereby reinforcing the Sith.


6. Wiping Out The Sith.

Later on, Bane goes to Ruusan to join hands with the Brotherhood of Darkness in their battle against the Jedi. He uncovers that in Darth Revan’s Holocron, it gives details on how to finish a custom whose result is what many refer to as an “Idea bomb.” Unknown to the pioneer of the Brotherhood of Darkness, Lord Kaan, Bane wiped out the Brotherhood of Darkness and the Jedi on the planet with the idea bomb. As it is, Bane tricks all the Sith in playing out the custom and draws a substantial number of Jedi in that area, catching the psyches of all Jedi and Sith alike in an idea bomb till the end of time.

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