7 Original New Shows Coming Up In 2017

3. Ozark

The writer of this show is Bill Dubuque. It will feature Jason Bateman taking an emotional turn. The show is named after the area where it is set, that is, the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. In addition to this, it has a murky and risky under-world based theme. Ozarks follow a man who moves from the city to the Ozarks and pay the debt he owes to a dangerous drug dealer. Furthermore, Bateman will also be directing and show along with being its executive producer.


4. Dear White People

This up and coming comic drama is based on the very successful film of the same name. Justin Simien happens to be the original screenwriter and director. It will have 10 episodes, each being of 30-minute duration. Similar to the movie, the show will tell the tale of a diverse group of students belonging to different races as they endeavor to explore life at a white Ivy League school that overlooks racial pressures. It’s reported that Logan Browning will supplant star Tessa Thompson in the main part, while Brandon P. Chime is set to repeat his part in the original movie.

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