8 Ways On How Star Wars: The Trilogy Will End

3. Poe Dameron assumes control

We could have utilized more Poe Dameron in The Force Awakens. From the time he first shows up and has that humorous exchange with Kylo Ren Poe has us in rapt attention. Thereafter, he vanishes for a huge part of the movie and comes back later to adequately kick ass. However, there still isn’t much of him. One expects that this will change in the forthcoming episodes and Poe will play a more focal part. In IX, with General Leia gone, somebody needs to lead the Resistance against the First Order. What’s more, we think Poe would be an awesome man for the job.


4. Rey’s Parentage

The most prevalent question in The Force Awakens is: who are Rey’s folks? There are a few hypotheses. To start with, numerous signs indicate Rey being Luke’s daughter. Both were raised on desert planets, both find they have crazy Force skills, and Luke’s original lightsaber shouted out particularly to Rey. Towards the end of TFA, as Rey is holding out said lightsaber to Luke, he knows her. You can see that, isn’t that so? With respect to Rey’s yet-to-be distinguished mother, Laura Dern has joined the cast of VIII. There are speculations about who she’ll play. She could be Mara Jade, who was Luke’s better half in the Expanded Universe and the professional killer known as the Hand of the Emperor, which might possibly meet with the present canon. Dern could also be any other number of characters we aren’t aware of yet. In any situation, she could even now be Rey’s mom.
Luke could likewise simply be Rey’s uncle. A major theory is Rey is Han and Leia’s daughter, who by one means or another has been kept a secret from sibling Ben Solo, after he falls to the Dark Side and transforms into Kylo Ren. Kylo surely has an association with Rey when he tries to dig her mind for information. Furthermore, both Han and Leia appear to be promptly attracted to Rey when they initially meet her.
It seems as if only Leia knows reality and has kept Rey a secret from Han as well, who most probably left before he knew Leia was pregnant.
Other hypotheses incorporate Rey being a descendent of Kenobi and Obi-Wan’s incredible granddaughter. Furthermore, maybe, she has no association with anybody we know, or is a virgin conceived, as Anakin Skywalker, or much even crazier, she’s a rebirth of Anakin. While these could all be potential outcomes, despite everything we feel that Rey is to be sure a Skywalker, even maybe the legendary Chosen One like Anakin.