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    6 Actors Who Have Regretted After Giving Up Superhero Roles In The MCU

    Many Hollywood actors have not been as eager as the others to earn a role in the famous Marvel Cinematic Universe. These celebrities and stars may have even been...

    20 Epic Marvel Fan Casting That We Deserve To See On The Silver Screen

    The Marvel shared universe, aka, the MCU has been around for a decade now. The fans are just loving it more with every passing day. We can be sure...

    7 Weapons Of Iron Man’s Suits That Are Over-Powered

    As we all know, Tony Stark’s suits have always included a few of the best and a lot of devastating weapon systems. Iron Man just a normal man who...

    20 Amazing MCU Phase 4 Fan Casting That We Hope Will Come True

    With the movie, Avengers: Endgame all set to release by April, we have all reached the end of MCU's Phase Three. The 22 films have surely been pretty revolutionary,...

    7 Actors Who Unfortunately Did Not Get The Superhero Role They First Auditioned For

    Given how all the superhero movie roles tend to develop, grow and evolve over time in like the character, Bucky Barnes in the MCU, there are times when the...

    7 MCU Actors And Actresses Who May Leave The MCU By 2019

    The boss of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige had huge plans for the MCU, from the outset, as it has been clear by the very fact that he had signed...

    7 Most Powerful Weapons Of The MCU- Ranked

    There are a whole lot of superheroes in the popular MCU, and many of these heroes, from Captain America to Ant-Man to Black Panther have gone on to prove...

    Here’s A List Of All The Movie Franchises That Disney Has Gotten From Fox

    It is finally a done deal. After many rumours and discussions, Disney has purchased a huge part of 21st Century Fox, and this also includes the film studio, 20th...

    Here Are The 7 Films That Have Been Planned For MCU’s Phase 4

    What films will be releasing in the MCU after Avengers: Endgame? This is a burning question that all the fans want to be answered. Captain Marvel has surely been...

    7 Popular Actresses Who Almost Played The Role of MCU’s Captain Marvel

    Ever since the movie, Captain Marvel had been announced by Marvel, all the fans were speculating about which actress would play this character. Many actresses were being discussed online...

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