Top 30 Greatest White Rappers In The World – 2022

Top 30 Greatest White Rappers in the World – 2020

Last Updated: April 07, 2022

The hip-hop industry is one of the fastest-growing genres in music and is known to be a predominantly black industry. However, taking into consideration various factors, even some whites have made their name as the best rappers of all time. These white rappers have earned their name and respect for their compositions.

Although they are often under the radar, they still stand against all the odds and overcome all challenges to stand out from the crowd. They are also names that created a storm in the hip hop industry and made a significant change.

We have dedicated this article to 30 Greatest White Rappers in The World in 2020.

1. Eminem


There is nothing better than to start this list with one of the most famous names. Eminem- the stage name of Marshall Bruce Mathers III, proved that race does not make one rapper better than the other. This actor, songwriter, record producer, and rapper rock the hip hop industry even today.

He also comes under the list of the Top 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. He not only knows how to satisfy his fans, but he even makes music that sells. He is also an artist who holds the title of the fastest-selling hip-hop album in the first week.

2. Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly

Richard Colson Baker goes by the stage name MGK or Machine Gun Kelley. He is an actor, a rapper, and a songwriter who started his career as a rapper in 2006. Apart from releasing his mixtapes, he signed up with Interscope Records and Bad Boy. Lace-up was his major debut and has also released various singles.

In the US Billboard 200, he debuted in the 4th position, which resulted in his songs becoming the highest-charting single. Some of his songs also incorporated storytelling and darker tones. They also have a few R&B and rap-rock elements. Over the years, even critics have given a positive response to his music.

3. Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys

Hailing from New York, this Hip-Hop Band formed in 1981. They are not only the greatest white rappers but one of the most successful bands of all time. Initially, they started as a hardcore punk band and catered to genres like alternative rock and alternative hip-hop.

In the US alone, they sold more than 200 million records. In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they are the third rap group that has received recognition for their works. The Cooky Puss was their experimental single at hip hop in 1983. The Beastie Boys have also shared the stage with big names like Eminem and Madonna.

4. Yelawolf


Hailing from Alabama, Micheal Wayne Atha AKA Yelawolf is an American songwriter, singer, and rapper. He started gaining mainstream attention after the release of Trunk Muzik EP in 2010. Interscope Records also signed a record deal with him in the same year. In 2011, he signed a record deal with Shady Records, which is Eminem’s record label.

In 2011, he released Radioactive, which was his second album. Apart from mixtapes, he has also sung Collaborative EPs, Solo EPs, Compilation, and studio albums. Yelawolf founded a label called Slumerican in 2012. This American label specializes in hip hop music and is an independent record label.

5. Logic


Before he was known with his stage name Logic, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II was initially known as Psychological. Growing up in Maryland, at a tender age of 16, he started showing interest in music. The school authorities even expelled him from school.

Even after going through so many hardships and problems, he still emerged as one of the best white rappers of the music industry. His popularity gained after the release of his second mixtape. He is known for his skills and lyrical prowess and has also appeared in the Top 13 Freshmen List in 2013.

6. Macklemore


Benjamin Hammond Haggerty AKA Macklemore is the next name on the list of the Greatest White Rappers of all time. He was formerly known as Profession Macklemore. Since 2002, the songwriter and rapper collaborated under the name of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with producer Ryan Lewis.

In 2013’s US Billboard Hot 100 list, their single Thrift Shop held the first position. He also has a very unusual contract with Warner Bros, where he pays a percentage of his sales to them. In 2017, he made a comeback to the music industry by releasing the single Glorious, which featured Skylar Grey. It was also his first breakthrough in mainstream music.

7. Mac Miller

Mac Miller

Originally from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Mac Miller AKA Malcolm James McCormick was a record producer, songwriter, singer, and rapper. At a tender age of 15, he started his singing career in 2017 at the local hip hop scene. Then in 2010, Rostrum Records label signed a deal with him. This opportunity gave him his first breakthrough and recognitions with mixtapes like Best Day Ever and KIDS In 2011, Blue Side Park, which was his first debut studio album topped the US Billboard 200. He is also the founder of the REMember Music, a record label imprint. His songs revealed a lot about his life, and that was one of the reasons why fans could connect to him so easily.

8. G-Eazy


American rapper Gerald Earl Gillum goes by the stage name G-Eazy is a producer and a songwriter who hails from Oakland. Known to be one of the Greatest White Rappers, released his first album in 2014 called These Things Happen. This major-label album also reached the third position on the US Billboard 200.

Even his single Me, Myself, and I from the album When It’s Dark Out topped the first ten position on the US Billboard Hot 100. He started his career as a record producer and later on joined the Bay Boyz – a local hip hop group.

9. Rittz


Known by his popular stage name Rittz, Jonathan McCollum is an American rapper who deserves to be in the list of the World’s Greatest White Rappers for his work. Rittz even signed a deal with the music label named Tech N9ne’s Stange Music. Eventually, he founded Cli-n-tel Ent.

Born in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, he developed a liking to music at a very early age. He got his with breakthrough and recognition with Boxy Chevy- a single that collaborated with Yelawolf. White Jesus is one of his best and widely known mixtape. In 2013, he released The Life and Times of Jonny Valiant, which was his solo debut.

10. Lil Dicky

Lil Dicky

David Andrew Burd goes by the stage name LD or Lil Dicky. He is a comedian and a rapper who hails from Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania. Ever since he was a kid, he loved to listen to genres like alternative rock and hip-hop. While he was in the 5th grade, he started rapping. In 2013, he released Ex-Boyfriend, which got him a lot of popularity. In 24 hours, the music video had more than 1 million views.

Chris Brown and he also released a song called Freaky Friday, which was a worldwide hit. His 2017 release Pillow Talking is said to have the most amazing special effects. This video is also on the list in the most expensive music video ever created in the 49th position.

11. Action Bronson

Action Bronson

A television presenter, a chef, writer, and rapper, Ariyan Arslani is one of the most multi-talented rappers of his time. Action Bronson is one of the well-known personalities in the television industry for hosting shows like Fuck That’s Delicious and The Untitled Action Bronson Show.

Apart from that, he has also made several appearances in various television series and shows. On the music front, he released many mixtapes like 2012’s Rare Chandeliers with American producer The Alchemist. Saab Stories, which was an extended play, was his major-label debut. In 2015, he released Mr. Wonderful, which was his first major-label debut album.

12. Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock

This producer and recording producer created a new wave of alternative and underground hip hop acts. Ian Matthias Bavitzis also ranked in the Top 100 Artists of the Decade in the 19th position by Propaganda. The hip hop culture of New York played a significant impact on his life.

During the early 1990s, he started rapping. While in college, he recorded Music for Earthworms and a full length single with his efforts and funding. He began releasing more albums with the money he earned from his previous releases. The underground hip-hop circuit also recognized his efforts. The success of this eventually led to signing up a record deal with the Mush label.

13. NF


Nathan John Feuerstein, better known as NF is an American songwriter, singer, and rapper. His first EP was released along with Capitol CMG in 2014. His work has received various kinds of recognitions and accolades. NF’s debut albums The Search and Perception even came into 1st in Billboard 200 list.

He is not only a big fan of Eminem but was also influenced by him. Apart from singing, he was also a part of the basketball team when he was in school. He has dedicated the song – How could you leave us, which is very close to his heart.

14. Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda

The co-founder of Linker Park, Mike Kenji Shinoda, is a record producer, rapper, songwriter, singer, and musician apart from being a graphic designer.  While he was working in the band, he was the producer and primary songwriter apart from being the keyboardist, rhythm guitarist, and vocalist. He has also co-founded a record label called Machine Shop Records.

Mike is also the founder of Fort Minor, which is a side project that helps him to showcase his background in hip-hop.  In 2005, he released The Rising Tied was the debut album of Fort Minor. The single Where’d you go was also awarded by MTV Video Music Awards 2006 as the best ringtone of the year. Even in the Billboard 200, the song was on the 104th position.

15. House of Pain

House of Pain

He is known to be the premier Irish-American trio group House of Pain during the 1990s. Before going solo, Everlast was the lead singer of the group. Jump Around was their hit single in 1992, which stood No 6 in Ireland, No 3 in the US, and No. 8 in the UK.

Many video games, TV shows, and films have also featured the single Jump Around. In 1196, the group broke up, but in 2010, they reformed it again. During that period, they were part of La Coka Nostra, which is a known hip-hop supergroup. Apart from studio albums, the group is also known for its singles, compilations, and EPs.

16. Ubiquitous


In the early 200’s, Ubiquitous was part of Ces Cru, which was a hip-hop duo. He is known to be not only one of the Greatest White Rappers in the world but is also the most successful one and the wealthiest rapper in the world.

Before he started his career in music, he worked in Kansas City as a bartender.  In 2012, he released- Money Don’t Matter, which was his first solo album after signing up with Strange Music Label. Apart from mixtapes, he has also sung many singles and has made guest appearances in various music videos.

17. Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph

The next name in the World’s Greatest White Rappers list is Tyler Joseph. He is a record producer, rapper, musician, and songwriter. Known for being the front-man of Twenty One Pilots, he is also a solo artist apart from teaming up with Josh Dun.

In 2008, he released his solo album-No Pun Intended. He won a Grammy Award and was nominated for five others while he was part of Twenty One Pilots.  Apart from music, he also featured in a video – Where Are You. It was a video that helped to create awareness about Internet use.

18. R.A. The Rugged Man

R.A. The Rugged Man

Known as a film producer, director, screenwriter, and rapper, R.A Thorburn started singing at a tender age of 12. Jive Records signed him up when he was 18 years old. Although it never released, The Night of the Bloody Apes was his debut album.

Later on, he signed with Priority Records. During the early 2000’s he started recording his music independently. Apart from featuring in the Rawku’s Soundbombing albums, he also starred in the WWF Aggression album, which was a platinum-selling one.  Chris Jerricho even got him to perform the theme song for Ego Trip.

19. Brother Ali

Brother Ali

Brother Ali is the stage name of Ali Douglas Newman. He is a member of the hip hop collective – Rhymesayers, a community activist, and a rapper. Ali is one of the Greatest White Rappers in the world with a musical career that consists of various collaborations, singles, four EPs, and seven albums.

Apart from music, he has also appeared in multiple films, podcasts, and television series. In one of his interviews, he stated that he has been into hip hop ever since he was a kid. The love of hip hop culture inspired him to get into this genre.

20. Everlast


Erik Francis Schrody AKA Everlast is a songwriter, actor, rapper, singer, and musician. He is known for his work in genres like country, blues, rock, and hip hop.  Apart from being in the group House of Pain as a front-man, he also gained recognition as a solo artist.

With the help of MC Ice-T, he released Forever Everlasting was his first solo album. He has been nominated four times and has won a Grammy Award for his work, Put Your Lights On. He is also the founder of Martyr Inc, which is a record label. Apart from House of Pain, he teamed up with Danny Boy and DJ Lethal in 2006 to form La Coka Nostra – a hip hop group.

21. Lil Wyte

Lil Wyte

Also known as Boss Wyte, Patrick Lanshaw is the next name on the list of World’s Best White Rappers. He owns Wyte Music, which is an independent label. He is also a member of the American rap collective record label – Hypnotize Minds. Initially, he started his career by being a part of Shelby Forest Click.

It was a local rap group that composed various kinds of demo tapes. The MemphizPlayaz was the song that got him recognition. After which he signed a deal with Three 6 Mafia. He started working independently and released Doubt Me Now. This debut album became very popular without any promotion. It sold more than 135,000 copies.  Many describe him as a rapid lyricist.

22. B-Nasty


B- Nasty is the stage name of Alexander James Ritchie Barnes. He is an Australian entrepreneur, actor, record producer, songwriter, and rapper. As an artist, he has performed with names like Stonebwoy, Lil Easy-E, etc. In 2009, using his home computer, he started freestyle rapping.

After that, he began crafting his unique flow under the heavy influence of names like Fabolous, Jay-Z, Diddy, etc. He has not only recorded his EP but has also released them in time. The single Stunt Like Me from his debut album The End of the Beginning was the start of his career. On the business front, he is the co-founder of Dough Related Productions – an independent record label.

23. EL-P


Before he was known as EL-P, Jaime Meline’s stage name was El Producto. Apart from being a record producer, he is also a songwriter, rapper, and musician. Before going solo, he was part of Company Flow- a trio that specialized in Underground hip hop.  For more than two decades, he was one of the driving forces in alternative hip hop.

Apart from being the CEO and owner, he is also the co-founder of a record label-Definitive Jux. Repetitive attacks, aggressive and dense lyrics, have characterized his rapping style. This style has also earned him the recognition of being one of the most technically gifted MC. His rapping style earned him a spot in the World’s Greatest White Rappers List.

24. Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Robert James Ritchie Sr., also known as Bobby Shazam and Kid rock, is a multi-talented man. Apart from being a rapper and singer, he is also an actor, record producer, musician, disc jockey, and songwriter. In more than 30 years, he has performed various styles like country, hip hop, and even rock. This talented artist is also a multi-instrumentalist who oversees most of his work.

In 1990, he released his first album through Jive Records named Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast. Devil Without a Cause was the breakthrough in his career. This album was released in 1994 and sold more than 14 million copies. His other album Cocky was noted for its blend of elements in heavy metal, rock, country, and hip-hop styles.  His songs have been very contrasting to each other. While some are known to be humorous, some that deal with some real serious issues.

25. Paul Wall

Paul Wall

Paul Michael Slayton is a DJ, actor, and a Rapper whose stage name is Paul Wall. He has associated with Swishahouse Records for most of his career. During this time, he released many albums and has also collaborated with other rappers. Get Ya Mind Correct was his independent release without a label distribution.

This 2002 release sold more than 350,000 copies. After signing with Atlantic Records, he got the most significant breakthrough in his life. The label released in 2007 – The Peoples Champ marked a new beginning and recognition. This recognition was followed in 2007 with Stay True and Get Money.

26. Post Malone

Post Malone

Known as an actor, record producer, rapper, songwriter, and singer Post Malone AKA Austin Richard Post is the next name of this list. He has composed music for various genres, including R&B, hip hop, grunge, and country. He is also known for blending multiple genres in the same song or album.

In 2015 he got his first recognition with White Iverson- his debut single. The attention got Republic Records to sign a recording contract with Post Malone.  His album Stoney featured Congratulations – a hit single. This album was also a commercial success. Not only did it break various streaming records, but it also made it to the list of the most weeks on Billboard in the US.

27. Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic

There are various reasons why Weird Al Yankovic is in the list of the Greatest White Rappers of all time. His music is known for its humor and parody-oriented songs. His style of singing is the next thing that makes Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic a hit.

This multi-award winner and nominee has broken various records with his releases and music.  He is also one of the most loved artists of all time. His live tours have always attracted a considerable crowd.  Apart from music, he has also been a part of various web series, video games, television, and films.

28. Vinnie Paz

Vinnie Paz

Vinnie Paz AKA Ikon, the Verbal Hologram, is the lyricist and rapper of Jedi Mind Tricks- a Philadelphia underground hip hop group. He is also the front-man for the Army of the Pharaohs – a hip hop collective. In 2010, he released Season of the Assassin, which was his first solo album.

He specializes in genres like conscious hip hop, horrorcore, political hip hop, hardcore rap, and underground hip hop. Vinnie started his music career in his basement with Stoupe, a fellow member of Jedi Mind Tricks. He has a huge fan base and is a very prominent name in underground hip hop.

29. Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen

Before he became a rapper, songwriter, and singer, he was working for Google only to leave it and pursue a career in music. Hoodie Allen AKA Steven Adam Markowitz specializes in pop-rap, alternative hip hop, and hip hop. His debut studio album was released in 2014 named People Keep Talking.

In the first week of the release, it not only hit the Billboard’s Top 200 list on the 8th position; but also sold more than 30,00 copies.  Before that, he worked on multiple mixtapes for which he even received recognition under the name of Hoodie Allen alongside Obey City.

This also included the 2009 nomination for the award of MTVU’s Best Music on Campus. He also received notable recognition for his single UPENN Girls.  Apart from music, he has also appeared in Jake and Amir and College Humor.

30. Asher Roth

Asher Roth

The last name on the list of the Greatest White Rappers of all time is Asher Paul Roth.  Roth is a songwriter and rapper who has been influenced by Eminem and Jay-Z. He started his musical career by posting some of his verses on Myspace. It was during this time, Scooter Braun not only signed him up but also became his manager.

To pursue a full-time career in hip hop, he shifted to Atlanta. Numerous labels courted him. This included Atlantic Records, Warner Bros. Records, Def Jam, And SRC. He also got into a joint venture with Steve Rifkind and Braun’s schoolboy. He has also been nominated for various categories in the MTV Video Music Awards.


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