14 Women Who Have Been In A Relationship With Chris Evans


Chris Evans is a man of numerous gifts, however with regards to dating, he can be somewhat saved. In the course of recent years, the on-screen character has gotten known as somebody who preferences getting his connections far from prying eyes. Since his last relationship finishing in 2018, many are thinking about whether Chris Evans has gotten once more into the dating scene and gotten himself a sweetheart.

With regards to dating, Chris Evans is as of now taking care of that as a second thought to concentrate on his acting vocation. Dissimilar to his spotless adjust self-image Captain America, Chris Evans isn’t hesitant to have some good times. During his time playing Captain America in the Marvel films, Chris Evans possesses once in a while had energy for relationships.

While he has dated a considerable amount of ladies before, the on-screen character is known for staying quiet about his relationship status beautiful. Consistently, Chris Evans has consistently stayed mum when it came time to discuss a relationship he was in at the time. Other than the intermittent honorary pathway appearances and being spotted out on the town, Chris Evans isn’t one to freely exhibit his connections.

In this way, with regards to him right now having a sweetheart, there is a slight possibility the on-screen character could and is simply keeping it on the down low. With such a wild way of life, Evans is wary when he begins dating since he doesn’t need the lady to feel as if she should be close by consistently. With that said, let’s dive right into the many hotties he’s been together with either in random dates or a short-term relationship.

1. When Chris Evans Dated Kate Bosworth (2000)

Chris Evans goes head over heels for co-stars, obviously, in light of the fact that in the year 2000 he highlighted in a film with Kate Bosworth called The Newcomers. They didn’t prop up long, yet they were positively energetic and getting a charge out of the set conjunction. Evans was supposed to have had a thing with Kate Bosworth after the pair met while shooting The Newcomers, as showed by PopSugar. Neither social event has ever avowed nor prevented the bits from securing tattle, anyway Bosworth continued to marry executive Michael Polish.

Chris Evans And Kate Bosworth Dating

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2. Chris Evans’ Relationship With Jessica Biel (2001 – 2006)

It’s a best bet that Jessica Biel won’t appear with Chris Evans on any red floor coverings at any point in the near future, since she is hitched to Justin Timberlake. In any case, possibly they’re still truly close and great companions. The two dated for almost five years back in the early days, preceding separating – and neither has ever openly expressed why they cut off their association.



3. Chris Evans When He Dated Gisele Bündchen (2006)

Gisele Bundchen and Chris Evans were quickly connected together in 2006. Gisele Bundchen is one of the most perfect and most blazing ladies on the planet. Gisele has her own noteworthy rundown of excellent men she’s dated or been connected to. In 2006, bits of gossip started to twirl that Gisele and Evans were dating. It was accounted for that Things appear to warm up between them. Be that as it may, Gisele was likewise connected to both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly Slater during that time.

Chris Evans And Gisele Bündchen Dating (1)

4. The Relationship Between Chris Evans And Emmy Rossum (2007)

Chris Evans has dated such a significant number of wonderful ladies in Hollywood that numerous simply accept that he’s dated each and every one. In 2007, it was supposed that she was involved with Chris Evans. Bits of gossip flowed that they were seen making out before everybody. If it was genuine no one could censure these two hot superstars for having their hands all over one another. In any case, Emmy’s representative expressed that Emmy and Chris are simply companions.

Chris Evans And Emmy Rossum Dating

5. When Chris Evans Dated Christina Ricci(2007)

It isn’t clear to what extent did Chris stay in an association with Christina Ricci, be that as it may, they had been to the 2007 Met Gala together, where they strolled in on honorary pathway, affectionately intertwined. In 2007, gossipy titbits whirled that she and Chris Evans were dating when they were spotted together at the MET. They strolled affectionately intertwined and he gave her his coat when she got cold. The world was humming with the probability of Evans and Ricci dating. In any case, it was just a brief timeframe and both have since proceeded onward.





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6. Chris Evans’ Relationship With Vida Guerra (2008)

Chris Evans and model Vida Guerra were quickly dating years prior. Chris Evans and the excellent Vida Guerra were spotted together in Los Angeles. In a split second fans and the media were spreading the gossip like wildfire with the likelihood that Evans and Guerra would be the new hot couple in Hollywood. It’s never been affirmed to what extent they dated for however it was reputed to be a hot and overwhelming relationship. In any case, it appears that the majority of Evans’ connections are hot and substantial.




7. Chris Evans When He Dated Kristen Cavallari (2008)

At a certain point the stunning Kirsten Cavallari and attractive Chris Evans were quickly connected together. They were seen together out in the open, which made the bits of gossip start twirling. She is as of now hitched to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. They were hitched in 2013 however before that she was connected to a few men in Hollywood. It should not shock anyone that at the highest priority on that rundown is Chris Evans. In October 2008, bits of gossip proposed that Chris Evans and Kristen Cavallari had snared and were potentially dating.



8. The Relationship Between Chris Evans And Amy Smart (2010)

In the late spring of 2010 while Evans was in London, Amy Smart went out to visit him and the two invested a great deal of energy hanging out in bars. The sentiment bits of gossip were whirling since it appeared as though Smart had no other explanation to be there yet to spend time with Evans.

Chris Evans And Amy Smart Dating

9. When Chris Evans Dated Dianna Agron (2011)

With regards to Chris Evans, one thing is without a doubt; he has unbelievable preference for ladies and Dianna Agron is verification of that. ust about each VIP in Hollywood needed an opportunity with Dianna. In 2011, unverified bits of gossip proposed that Dianna was locked in to Alex Pettyfer. Nonetheless, soon that relationship reached a conclusion. It was as of now that it was accounted for that Dianna Agron was dating Chris Evans. Bits of gossip recommend that they met at a pre-Oscar party in 2011. Be that as it may, the relationship never got excessively genuine and it in the end finished. Both have now headed out in their own direction.

Chris Evans And Dianna Agron Dating


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10. Chris Evans’ Relationship With Ashley Greene (2011)

Because Chris Evans is regularly observed playing with wonderful ladies that doesn’t really imply that he’s dating them. That is evidently what happened when Chris Evans was seen with Ashley Greene. Ashley Greene was seen with Chris Evans and they appeared to be comfortable with one another. As per somebody who was there, Ashley was all over Evans, and he surely didn’t worry about.It was additionally noticed that there appeared to be a great deal of sexual science between them. Notwithstanding, a companion of Chris Evans noticed that Evans appears to be a tease a ton so it shouldn’t cause significant features.

Chris Evans And Ashley Greene Dating

11. Chris Evans When He Dated Sandra Bullock (2014)

It’s basic when growing up for youngsters to have infatuations on the overwhelming famous people they see on television. For a great many people that fantasy is unreasonable and unattainable. Except if, your name is Chris Evans since he makes his fantasies work out. Sandra Bullock is one of the most celebrated, regarded and most extravagant big names in Hollywood. Growing up Chris Evans really liked Sandra Bullock and found the opportunity to live a fantasy. In 2012, Chris and Sandra were seen being all adorable and cuddly at the Vanity Fair gathering.



12. The Relationship Between Chris Evans And Lily Collins(2015)

Evans and Collins were spotted out at supper in Los Angeles in 2015, so clearly that promptly started dating bits of gossip. When inquired as to whether he was dating her on honorary pathway for Avengers: Age of Ultron, he stammered for a couple of moments before choosing not to reply by any means. Unfortunately, nothing at any point happened to this perhaps relationship. Furthermore, for the time being, Evans doesn’t appear to include his dating history that we are aware of, obviously.

chris evans And Lily Collins Dating

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13. When Chris Evans Dated Minka Kelly (2007 – 2014)

Quite immediately, Chris Evans andMinka Kelly were a definitive couple. From numerous points of view they resembled a genuine go-to-go couples. Minka Kelly and Chris Evans had a stop and go relationship for quite a long while. They originally began dating in 2007 yet things didn’t work out in light of their clashing timetables and in the long run separated. They revived the sentiment yet again the relationship didn’t last and they got separated. They were seen together at Chris’ home. This prompted hypothesis that they may have back together. Be that as it may, the relationship appears to have finished and both have proceeded onward for now.

Chris Evans And Minka Kelly Dating

14. Chris Evans’ Relationship With Jenny Slate (2016 – 2018)

Jenny Slate is both delightful and clever so it’s nothing unexpected that Chris Evans would be pulled in to her. It wasn’t quite a while in the past that they were a couple and had the world humming. She was hitched to Dean Fleischer-Camp for a long time yet they isolated in 2016. Not very long after she started dating Chris Evans. They initially met in 2015 on the show of the forthcoming film Gifted. Things appeared to quit fooling around when the couple was seen on a twofold date with Chris’ sibling. Be that as it may, the relationship just kept going around 9 months as they separated in January 2017. It was accounted for to be a truly friendly separate.




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