10 Actors Who Died In “The Walking Dead” And Where They Are Now


“The Walking Dead” is infamous for lacking mercy. Like “Game of Thrones,” the makers at “TWD” have been known to kill off fan-top choices in a matter of seconds. They’ve said farewell to many walkers and several minor characters. However, they’ve additionally said goodbye to many cast individuals. Just five are left from the first cast. Furthermore, with the way things have been going, there’s no telling to what extent that will last. Fortunately, the performing artists behind those roles are still perfectly alright. This is what they are all up to now:

1. Carol’s little girl Sophia was played by Madison Lintz and she was dead in season 2 at The Greene family farm.

Subsequent to searching for her throughout the season, it was terrible to discover that Sofia was bolted up at the farm where everybody was staying put right from the beginning. After her days of being locked up in a farm, Lintz has played a regular part on “Bosch,” which is Amazon’s murder mystery.She additionally acted in “Parental Guidance” along with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler and played a little role in a “Nashville” scene.


2. Rick murdered his old police accomplice Shane Walsh. This role was essayed by Jon Bernthal, towards the end of Season 2.

Shane had died rather early in the comic also. Therefore, Bernthal was more than ready to have a short time on the show. Very recently he’s been playing Punisher in Marvel’s “Daredevil” series and is getting his own particular spin-off, titled “The Punisher,” which will be aired in November 2017. He’s likewise worked along with his previous cast mate, Jeffrey DeMunn, in “MobCity,” and grabbed parts in hit motion pictures “Fury” and “Sicario.”



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