Top 5 Incomplete Storylines In “The Walking Dead”


Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead have been broadcasting for more than six years. During this time, fans have viewed endless stories play out on TV. Rick Grimes and his band of survivors have lived in different areas, made a trip from Georgia to Virginia and come across many other people who are doing their best to remain safe. Similarly, Maddie and her group have searched both land and ocean for a place they can rest their fatigued bones and remain safe from the zombies. Given how much the show has covered, it would be practically impossible for the show’s makers to wrap up each and every story flawlessly. Still, there are a couple of things that we ponder about. Here are five storylines from The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead that never were never resolved.

1. What Became Of Morales?

At the point when Rick, Shane, Glenn, and the majority of the Atlanta team chose to attempt their fortunes at the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), they had to bid a tough farewell before they went ahead. Morales, his spouse, and two kids went in another direction and the group was split apart for the very first time. We know how frightfully things backpedalled in Atlanta and that Morales and his family may have had a better way of going about it. On the other hand, they could have experienced the same amount of frightfulness and met a snappy and horrific end. We’ll most likely never know, since we haven’t heard of them ever since. There’s something a tad bit pitiful about not knowing the destiny of a couple of the first characters, particularly when they were so likeable.


2. Did The Vatos Keep The Nursing Home Safe?

Right in The Walking Dead’s first season, Rick and his newly discovered companions came across a dangerous band of survivors in Atlanta. In one of the show’s most cunning plot twists, the gathering, which was led by Guillermo, were attempting to keep the elderly inhabitants at a close-by nursing home alive. It was a touching minute, one that helped us recall that humankind is essential, even in the most unstable of times.
However, tragically, we never got the opportunity to see if the Vatos could keep it going. Obviously, it does make sense that the two groups wouldn’t run into each other once again. Also, there is something soothing about envisioning that while bedlam rules outside the nursing home’s walls, it’s still a place of refuge within. Nevertheless, we’ll probably never know how everything turned out for them and that is unquestionably a downer.

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