5 Probable Deaths In The Walking Dead: Season 7


Lucille had the spotlight in a Super Bowl 51 TV spot in The Walking Dead Season 7. This gave us flashbacks to the loss of Glenn and Abraham. All things considered, it wouldn’t be The Walking Dead without a couple of epic demise scenes. Well, here are a few deaths we wouldn’t have any problems viewing in second half of The Walking Dead Season 7.

1. Rosita

We are aware that Rosita is upset over Abraham’s demise. We know that she never had the opportunity to get over him after he dumped her for Sasha. However, no one has ever been so sloppy in Rick’s group. She missed her one chance to slaughter Negan, which uncovered the gang’s mystery weapon: Eugene. Negan has a very favourable position over Rick and Rosita it’s all her fault. In the comics, Rosita dies not long after the All Out War storyline. She’s beheaded by Alpha, the pioneer of the Whisperers. We wouldn’t have any problems if they moved that scene up. Rosita needs to go.


2. Sasha

We would prefer not to put Sasha on the rundown since she’s turned into a key a portion of Maggie’s emotional support system. We likewise developed a love for Sasha in light of the fact that she was constantly genuine. She experienced profound gloom after losing her beau Bob and her brother Tyrese. She’s taking care of the loss of her sweetheart Abraham quite well, in light of present circumstances. Be that as it may, we feel that her time on the show is drawing to an end. In the comics, Abraham’s sweetheart Holly (Sasha in the show) is abducted by Negan. He returns Holly to Alexandria, in the form of a walker. This prompts a gunfight. Sasha may be the principal victim of the All Out War plot.

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