10 Untold Facts About Wolverine.


In case you’ve heard about Wolverine only from the films or mainline X-Men comics, you truly don’t know him at all. The character began with a humble background. However, Logan (real name: James Howlett) has become one of Marvel Comics’ most popular characters. Furthermore, he’s also a reliable star on the extra large screen. Here are 10 such facts about him….

1. Hugh Jackman humiliated himself after bagging the gig

When Hugh Jackman bagged the gig of Wolverine in the original X-Men film in 2000, he was not ready for the part. He didn’t even know that a wolverine was a genuine creature. As a result, he began reading up on wolves to bring a carnal quality to his performance. With that in mind, he carried a wolf-esque way to deal with his initial couple of scenes. On seeing this, director Bryan Singer told him to cut it out.


2. He was humorously taken out by a 12-year-old young lady at one point of time

When Wolverine turned into a well-known character in the Marvel Comics group, he began showing up in a ton of team-up books and crossovers. One such is Marvel’s Runaways. This is currently being developed as a TV series at Hulu. It was a comic that concentrated on a group of adolescent children who comprehend that their folks are really super-villains. The children go off all alone and get into a wide range of misfortunes. One of those missions brought the group into the way of the Avengers. Wolverine was still a member of it at the time. What’s more, it wasn’t plasent for Wolverine.
As it is, the Runaways’ 12-year-old Molly Hayes is a mutant as well. She has a lot of super strength. When Molly gets terrified that the Avengers want to pull her apart from her companions, she punches Wolverine. Thereafter, Logan smashes face first into the blanketed road outside.


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