10 Actors Who May Replace Hugh Jackman As Wolverine After “LOGAN” Movie.


Hugh Jackman will soon withdraw his adamantium paws forever. The third Wolverine film will be the performing artist’s last trip as the X-Men character. Despite the fact that Jackman’s interpretation of Wolverine has been rather different in some ways from how the character has normally been displayed in Marvel comics, for some, Jackman’s name is synonymous with the character. While there are allegedly no plans to recast the part once Jackman is over with it, we have a list of actors who would make a fine show as the next Wolverine if and when the part is recast in the long run.

10. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is a massively skilled, chameleon-like on-screen character who can blend into pretty much any role he’s given. He stands at 5’8″ tall, which is a great deal more in accordance with Wolverine’s shorter stature from the comics than the 6’2″ Jackman, so that is an advantage for Hardy. We’ve seen him in movies like The Dark Knight Rises. That proves that Hardy can bulk up for a role, so he’ll have no issue accomplishing Wolverine’s strong physical make-up. He also has an inclination for playing unhinged characters, an ability that he could bring to the table if Marvel and Fox want us to see a more insecure Logan than we’re accustomed to seeing.


9. Kit Harington

He will require something to work on after Game of Thrones wraps up in a couple of years! Skilled with a raw appeal and qualities of a leading man, playing Wolverine could be Harington’s enormous break in making the move from a TV actor to motion picture star. He’s exceptionally likable as an on-screen character yet, we’re inquisitive to see what he could do with a part that would be rather complicated than he’s accustomed to playing. Wolverine is inclined to having some anger outages every once in a while and to be honest, this is a side of Harington we have to see.

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