Top 10 Strongest And ‘Politically’ Shrewd Sith Lords In Star Wars.


This article concentrates on the endless foes and enemies of the Jedi, the Sith. This list will include the ten “best” and most conspicuous Sith ever. These Sith have been judged on a couple of parameters like Force/control, Lightsaber skills, Deeds/activities, Knowledge/insightfulness and various other skills. It’s a wonderful rundown; trust me… .

10. Darth Sion

Out of 33% of the famous Sith Triumvirate that drove the remainders of Revan’s Sith Empire, Sion was a totally uncommon being. Born with a susceptibility to torment and affliction, he found a way of how to change it into contempt for his own strength as a Force-user.
Sion searched for battles with the Jedi in a vain attempt to end his life and his torment. When he found a foe fit for murdering him, the opposite happened. His outrage developed to such an anguishing torment that he ascended from death to butcher his future killer.
With this, Darth Sion could achieve a kind of immortality that made him among one of the conclusive depravities of the Dark Side. Notwithstanding what number of wounds he persevered or times he was struck down, he could will himself alive again through the anguish and disdain he had inside him. He transformed into a versatile decaying body of a man, held together only by the dark energies running inside him. Such was his strength that both Jedi and Sith looked upon him with fear and wonderment.
Consequent to turning on his master, Darth Traya, Sion was convinced by the Jedi Exile Meetra Surik to give up the hatred and accept demise in its definiteness.


9. Lumiya

The Dark Lady of the Sith, the woman was earlier known as Shira Brie. She was an Imperial Double agent, Emperor’s hand and resulting mantle bearer to the legacy of the Sith after the downfall of Palpatine and Vader in the midst of the conflict of Endor. Brie was an extraordinary pilot and spy, serving Vader with magnificent loyalty. Lumiya was a cunning warrior and profoundly insightful. Never having the rough Force like various others on this rundown, she was a faultless master of the subtle arts. Her weapon was not the customary lightsaber but rather the unprecedented, and remarkably hard to ace Lightwhip. With it, she could invalidate the advantages of the customary lightsaber fight and keep enemies reeling.
Her most vital accomplishment was controlling and luring Han and Leia’s kid Jacen Solo to the Dark Side of the Force, while working unfalteringly behind the shadows to bring war once more to the New Republic which she stunningly planned through Jacen. She would at last meet her end by Luke after he was mistakenly convinced that she had executed his better half Mara.

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