10 Twisted and Distressing Features Of Darth Vader’s Costume.


Darth Vader is probably the most influential character in the history of Star Wars franchise. He is an iconic entity in the pop-culture, and a renowned figure in the world of villains. Darth Vader a.k.a Anakin Skywalker’s journey from a Jedi to a Sith Lord was explored in 3 prequel movies by George Lucas, where we see him struggling for his identity, for his loved ones and his constant war between Lightside & the dark side. He kept on dancing between devaluing and idealizing his Jedi masters at the same time. He had serious abandonment issues, and after losing his mother, Vader didn’t want to take any chances with his wife and that insecurity pushed him to do hideous things, one of them was killing young children. After destroying most of his body in hot magma, he got himself patched up with the help of technology, but he is always in constant physical and emotional pain that he suppresses using his force skills. Here are some gruesome and crazy details about Darth Vader’s famous costume that keeps him alive every second, some of these details would shock you:-

1. Durasteel Armor & Intricate Breathing Apparatus.


2. Darth Vader’s Helmet – Accentuates His Force Skills.

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