5 Sexist Comic Super heroines Creating Ripples Even Today


It’s a well known fact that comics have faced a lot of flak for being sexist. That’s not alarming at all because they do give a bucket full of reasons for critics to talk about incessantly. Let’s draw our attention to the kind of costumes that super heroines parade in; they’re skimpy, skin tight, cleavage revealing outfits which literally make eyeballs pop out of the socket. One does wonder why Spiderman’s manliness isn’t focused on while Power Girl’s cleavage is more than just focused; it’s blown out of proportion to say the least. This trend did come to a halt with the advent of the new teenage Ms. Marvel published by Marvel being showcased with an absolutely normal body type clubbed with wit, humour and adorability. The comic world needs more such Ms. Marvels so that the sexist super heroines fade into oblivion, more specifically these top 5 in descending order……

5. The New Starfire

Travel down memory lane and remember the old Starfire, who was popularized by the loved Teen Titans cartoon. She was most definitely strong but was also naïve, calm and placid. Although she was a complex character in DC Comics and an adult, she was never an oozing sex symbol until 2011 when DC gave Starfire a make over, presenting her as a member of the Red Hood and Outlaws comic published as part of DC’s reboot, The New 52.In this avatar, Starfire wears the tiniest costumes accompanied by over-sized, grab your eyeballs type of breasts. Laura Hudson, editor-in-chief of Comics Alliance, a strong critic wrote off the new Starfire as being an embodiment of sex fulfillment.


4. Witchblade

A homicide detective; Sara Pezzini, serving the New York Police Department, came across a Witchblade that gave her enormous powers to combat supernatural forces. Interestingly, the Witchblade also gave her a micro costume comprising of threads of metal meant to cover only the bare essentials. This character, published by Top Cow Productions which is a non-Marvel and non-DC superhero was highly popular ever since 1995 when it was first launched. It also has a TV series to its name even though it was for a short span of time. It goes without saying that the itsy-bitsy costume must’ve had a major role to play in the series’ triumph.

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