10 Women Who Have Dated Harry Styles


Harry Styles recently sang in a band in a school rivalry. Harry Styles performed on the system show The X Factor, where the judges went along with him with four other energetic male vocalists to shape One Direction. The child band transformed into a famous music sensation, passing on hits like Best Song Ever and Story of My Life through five enormously productive studio assortments. Harry Styles by then made a presentation sprinkle with his presentation single, Typical issue, and a self-titled assortment.

Harry Styles went to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, where he and three of his colleagues formed a band called White Eskimo. Harry Styles was White Eskimo’s lead craftsman, and the band was notable enough to win a band competition at their school. After school and on parts of the bargains, Harry Styles worked at the W. Mandeville bread shop in Holmes Chapel. Known as the bother of One Direction, Harry Styles’ nostalgic associations were followed fanatically by the press and fans as he rose to praise.

Harry Styles began dating TV mediator Caroline Flack, whom he met when he was fighting on The X Factor and she was encouraging its companion show up, The Xtra Factor. Harry Styles was seventeen by then, and Flack was thirty two transformed into the subject of discussion. Harry Styles was then unreasonably associated with picture taker Sarah-Louise Colivet, models Emma Ostilly and Cara Delevingne, and specialists Lily Halpern and Rita Ora. His most-reported relationship was a two-month contact with pop star Taylor Swift, the experience apparently filling a couple of Swift’s tunes. Harry Styles later dated French model Camille Rowe.

1. When Harry Styles Dated Louise Chen (2019)

Another stunning woman who has been connected to Harry Styles is Louise Chen. She is a mainstream French disk jockey who fits in with the profile of Harry enjoying more seasoned women. They were spotted spending time with Harry at a café, yet this relationship is by all accounts more smoke than fire.

Harry Styles And Louise Chen Dating

2. Harry Styles’ Relationship With Camille Rowe (2017 – 2018)

Harry and Victoria’s Secret model Camille dated for a year, separating when he enclosed his reality visit. They figured out how to stay quiet about their sentiment the whole time, however the pair end up being not kidding after the model met Harry’s family in front of his show in Paris. His tune Falling from his subsequent collection, Fine Line, is believed to be about his association with Camille.

Harry Styles And Camille Rowe Dating

3. Harry Styles When He Dated Townes Jones (2016)

Townes Jones is a twenty-year-old UCLA understudy concentrating French and Philosophy, as per the Daily Mail. Harry Styles met Townes Jones coming about to being set up on a sorted out social affair by partners of her sister Gilland. Harry Styles was on a break from recording his variety and required a date for the night.

Harry Styles And Townes Jones Dating

4. The Relationship Between Harry Styles And Nadine Leopold (2014 – 2015)

There’s a progressing joke that Harry has a Winter sweetheart consistently. Harry and the model hung out in Los Angeles before Harry and the remainder of One Direction set out on their last visit, however the relationship was fleeting.

Harry Styles And Nadine Leopold Dating

5. When Harry Styles Dated Kendall Jenner (2013 – 2016)

The vocalist and more youthful kin of Kim Kardashian were photographed going on various dates together and were believed to be datingand revived a year later. In spite of their split the pair stayed great companions, something which they demonstrated when Harry took over facilitating The Late Show with James Corden.

Harry Styles And Kendall Jenner Dating

6. Harry Styles’ Relationship With Paige Reifler (2013 – 2014)

Harry was seen in a couple of internet based life photographs with model Paige Reifler before venturing out with her multiple times. Be that as it may, things got muddled when she as far as anyone knows made jokes about him on her companions’ Instagram’s and hinted she may be utilizing him for his popularity.

Harry Styles And Paige Reifler Dating

7. Harry Styles When He Dated Taylor Swift (2012 – 2013)

Their dating binge went on for one year, and it was magnificent for us all. Despite the fact that the pair were just detected a couple of times, it was a thing. It completely occurred. After the two split, Styles talked about the relationship in a truly awkward radio meeting.

Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Dating

8. The Relationship Between Harry Styles And Emma Ostilly (2012)

Emma Ostilly and Harry Styles started their relationship, rapidly after his separation with Caroline Flack. Ostilly featured and paralyzed in the One Direction Gotta Be You music video and the rest is history. At that point, they separated. She’s dating a Marine at this point.

Harry Styles And Emma Ostilly Dating

9. When Harry Styles Dated Caroline Flack (2011 – 2012)

During Harry’s X Factor days, he was connected to the show’s host, Caroline Flack, who is fourteen years his senior. This was Harry’s first prominent sentiment that tragically turned out badly when people in general found out about it. The two gatherings have just at any point had pleasant comments about the other and still run in similar circles today.

Harry Styles And Caroline Flack Dating


10. Harry Styles’ Relationship With Felicity Skinner (2009 – 2010)

Harry Styles’ first sweetheart has demanded that she’s not getting back together with the One Direction heartthrob. Felicity Skinner dated the vocalist for close to twelve months in the wake of meeting him, yet says they just ‘floated separated’. The quite blonde got together with Harry a couple of days back, however merely as companions.

Harry Styles And Felicity Skinner Dating


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