9 Ways How Star Wars Episode 9 Will End


Star Wars Episode IX may not release until May of 2019, but we have enough information to give us a really smart idea of how this trilogy is bound to end.

As it is, Disney has been faithful to George Lucas’ franchise network, and when we look at the information introduced in the media that involves Star Wars canon, a couple of things are certain; a definitive destiny of the Force, the Sith, and the Jedi is hiding in clear sight, in the books and films we love.

Here’s what we can expect;

1. The Sith and Jedi are bound to fail

There is overpowering confirmation that the Sith and Jedi, as they are depicted in episodes I-VI, are bound to fall flat. The Jedi of the Old Republic were oure light—their qualities were supreme. Their utilization of the Force was implied for more a noteworthy benefit.

The Sith utilized the Force for power and control. Lucas himself talked about this and explained that the light side of the Force is caring, while the dark side is self-centred. He says that, eventually, the light side will win since empathy implies helping other people, and every one of the people you help will bring about an existence well-lived. The dark side will get what they desire yet be left with nothing, since benefits resulting from childishness are empty.

Lucas has further said that the Force should be balanced. When you go to the dark side, things are out of balance. If that is valid, it must be the same for the light side. In case you’re pure light, things will also be unequal. That implies the Sith have it wrong, beyond any doubt but so do the Jedi.

Therefore, if the Jedi and the Sith are bound to fade into history, what will be left for our darling galaxy far, far away?

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2. The Dark Side needs some light

The Supreme Master Snoke, the new baddie presented in The Force Awakens, says his apprentice Kylo Ren is valuable since he’s made of both the dark and the light. That is something no Sith has ever stated, so we know immediately that Snoke is no Sith and things are not quite the same as the times of Darth Maul and even Darth Vader. Snoke left conventional Sith teachings to make something new, and it’s not only going to the dark side of the Force.

All in all, after Luke Skywalker endures the colossal disappointment of his nephew Kylo wrecking his diligent work with youthful Jedi, what’s he hunting down on Ach-to in his exile which is self-imposed? What does he find that really makes him the last Jedi?

Well, we are aware about what Luke finds in the principal Jedi temples, and it isn’t what you’d anticipate.


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