7 Reasons To Be Hyped For Star Trek Discovery.


Star Trek: Discovery will go where no Trek TV series has gone before: straight into the universe of internet streaming thereby bypassing a customary broadcast in favor of being down with the kids.

It’s a striking move for the senior statesman of science fiction franchises and early signs have surely been mixed.

The show has roped in a great cast and come up with an idea that could please fans both new and old. However, it’s also been pushed back twice. As it is, it was initially slated for a January 2017 release but lost its original show-runner. This has raised new questions upon the entire idea.

Nevertheless, the Star Trek franchise is about confronting new difficulties with positive thinking and a receptive outlook…

7. Back In The Original Timeline

A lot of fans fumed when J.J. Abrams’ first Star Trek film moved the action from the original timeline into a parallel universe. It had just allowed Leonard Nimoy’s Spock Prime for the ride. This adequately implied the times of progression set up by The Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise and Deep Space Nine were tossed in the junk.

Similar fans that whined then can celebrate now. As it is, Discovery is set in the original universe, where the abhorrent Nero didn’t kill Captain Kirk’s dad or decimate Vulcan.

The new Trek show will begin ten years prior to The Original Series’ first episode. As a result, it will open into the course of events between the first adventures and the prequel series titled Enterprise.

6. Some Brilliant Franchise Veterans Are Involved

Bryan Fuller’s brainchild is discovery. He was the writer who penned episodes for Deep Space Line and Voyager.

His scripts were discernibly character-centred. He didn’t simply make blast, crash, pummel episodes, which looks good for Discovery. Space fights are just fine. However, there should be fascinating people on the screen to get watchers hooked to it. 

To help transform Fuller’s ideas into scripts, the powers got an articulate Trek legend: Nicholas Meyer. He gave the screenplay to the fundamental Star Trek cinematic remarkable The Wrath Of Khan, before coming back for the comedic Whale-centred entry The Voyage Home and the Shakespeare-tinged Klingon beat down The Undiscovered Country.

Meyer can do an entertaining Star Trek, a terrible Star Trek, a character-driven Star Trek and an action pressed Star Trek. This makes his inclusion here as a writer extremely fascinating. In the event that Discovery can combine the varying tones of the franchise’s tremendous history into one whole cohesive unit, it could truly be an exceptional series.

Truly, a great deal of the difficult work will go to Trek virgins Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts, who are filling in as Discovery’s show-runners. Ideally, the hands of Fuller and Meyer will guarantee they serve up something extraordinary.


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