Billie Eilish Named As Most-Streamed Female Artist On Spotify


Just after, going against many music charts and the award shows in the year 2019, Billie Eilish kept on going in the field of the music by putting one more song to her list. One of the younger singers has become Spotify’sthe most- famous female singers in this world since the year January 2020.

For the celebration of International Women’s Day, many female singers have gone on the charts and Eilish’swas the “Bad Guy” was one of the hits who declared 10.3 billion since January 1st until March 1st.

Eilish was the fourth-best- fourth selling international singer in the year 2019 by the International Federation of phonographic industry (IFPI), and the company that keeps the record of the music industries all over the world. This 18-year old singer has been on the top of recognition since the New Year has started. Elish began the New Year with a jump by becoming the youngest musicians to win the cup for Alums of the year and also the song of the year at the Grammy’s award.

The latest musician has also performed this year at the Academy Awards and has become the youngest singer to sing the main song for the movie of James bond.

The second on the list went to the famous Taylor Swift. The “Lover” was a hit that was shared in a screenshot of the wish for a list in one of her stories on Instagram. She got this huge news after a few days she was then announced to be the “Best-selling International Singer” by the IFPI.

These Grammy winning artists are One direction (2013), Adele (2015), and Drake (2016 to 2018)

The third, fourth, and fifth places are Ariana Grande, Halsey, and Camila Cabello.

The music service also said that they would launch the Women’s history month hub, which is going to have all the women’s songs, playlists, the podcasts as well as the playlist.


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