Home GEEK AND NERDS Top 10 (1980’s) Toys That Have Become Extremely Valuable Now!

Top 10 (1980’s) Toys That Have Become Extremely Valuable Now!

Top 10 (1980’s) Toys That Have Become Extremely Valuable Now!

With sites for auction like Ebay, individuals can go back into their adolescence and buy toys that were a rage in the 80s. We have here, 10 ’80s toys that have sold for inconceivable measures of cash.

10. Transformers: Optimus Prime and Megatron Action Figures – Sold For: $900

Much sooner than Michael Bay got his hands on it, the Transformers franchise was one of the greatest on the planet. Made in 1984, the powerhouse franchise concentrated on a galactic power battle between two divisions of transforming alien robots. The good guys called Autobots were led by Optimus Prime and the bad guys called Decepticons were led by Megatron. Since its beginning, Transformers has generated numerous animated TV series, movies, books and comics alongside the first toy line that propelled the series and has since turned out to be a stuff for the collectors’ items.


9. The Real Ghostbusters: Fright Feature Action Figure – Sold For: $950

In 1984, Ghostbusters was released to positive reviews and vast business achievement. The film was so fruitful that it propelled the franchise we know and love. The film is based on a group of “Parapsychologists” in the city of New York who begin their own business of catching ghosts. Five years later, Ghostbusters II was released along with two animated TV series and a few comics, books and various computer games. The initially animated series “The Real Ghostbusters” kept going for six seasons from 1986 to 1991. It’s that interesting the toy line based on the series really outlived the show itself.

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