10 Rare And Scary Facts About Christopher Nolan’s “THE DARK KNIGHT” Trilogy.


The Dark Knight Trilogy will go down as one of the best series of movies ever. However, there’s a ton about these Batman motion pictures you may not know. Here are 10 astounding facts we’ve gathered about the making of The Dark Knight Trilogy which are rather cool.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio For The Riddler By Warner Bros Initially

The Riddler was supposed to be the scoundrel in every Batman motion picture ever since Batman Begins. Surprisingly, they nearly got their desire as The Riddler practically wound up taking up the part in The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan never considered utilizing him. However, writer David S. Goyer stated that Warner Bros. had some of their own thoughts.
They put this thought forth him at the debut for The Dark Knight to talk about villains for a conceivable third part. What’s more, Riddler’s name was brought up and they were thinking of Leonardo DiCaprio for the role. Nevertheless, Nolan refused straightforwardly. As it is, he wanted to follow Tom Hardy’s Bane.


9. A Bombed Nightwing Cameo

Robin is prominent by his nonappearance in all of Christopher Nolan’s Batman motion pictures. As it is, Christopher Nolan isn’t a fan of the character and chose not to incorporate him in the trilogy.
However, you’d be surprised to know that an early draft of Batman Begins included Robin. How? Well, it is stated that Rachel Dawes was a far off relative of the Grayson family. That would have been a perfect Easter Egg for fans but Nolan dropped the idea. He did this so that fans wouldn’t feel deceived when he didn’t present the sidekick in the sequel. But on February 2017 it was reported that Warner Bros is developing a Nightwing movie with Director Chris Mckay.

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