10 Awesome & Nostalgic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Games That You Need To Revisit!


Ever since their comic-book début which took place way back i.e. 32 years ago, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have featured in many computer games.
It’s likely that you’ve played some of these. Now, with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows in silver screens and Mutants in Manhattan bringing the siblings to consoles, we thought this was an extraordinary time to cast our eyes back over the 10 best TMNT games ever built up.

1. The Arcade Game

When the Shredder captures April O’Neil, the heroes go out to bring her back. En route, they pull down unlimited individuals from the Foot Clan, robots, and notable miscreants like Bebop and Rocksteady.
The move-sets may be restricted, however the graphics are flawless. As it is, each character and location looks precisely as it ought to. Furthermore, it has a stupendous soundtrack.


2. Tournament Fighters

This came was introduced in the Street Fighter II time, when clones of that unbelievable game were extremely popular. However, this game stands holds its grounds.
It stars characters from all over the Turtles’ various versions. You could play as any one of the four heroes. Of course, some actions seem a little out of place, like watching Raphael throw fireballs is peculiar. Nevertheless, the SNES adaptation is certainly justified.



TMNT (GBA)2007’s CGI motion picture TMNT was a delightful come back to frame after two genuinely poor film adaptations. Therefore, a tie-in game just had to be the next step. Nonetheless, while the console variants were met with a tepid response, the GBA release is totally different for the better. As it is, the TMNT has some of the most amazing and smoothest GBA visuals. With huge, flawless sprites, a lot of shocking character-outlines and areas, various weapons, and strong battle, this is an absolute necessity for fans.


4. Turtles in Time

This game is viewed by many fans as the best TMNT game ever built. Furthermore, it’s simple to see why that is the case.
The game permitted four players to venture into the two-toed shoes of the Turtles themselves. This made a phenomenal group dynamic and truly captured the spirit of the animated series. However, when it was changed over to the SNES, this was limited to just two-players. Nevertheless, the game is still a delight to play, with a buddy or without anyone else.
A standout amongst the most famous elements of the game is the wonderful Mode 7 impacts. As it is, hurling Foot Soldiers towards the screen was amazing at that time and even today. Although the SNES port isn’t a flawless interpretation of the arcade since it has certain sound impacts missing and another stage included, yet it’s still a stupendous utilization of TMNT.

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