12 Rare Retro Toys Worth More Than An Average Car!


Did you know that the worldwide toy industry is valued at $84.1 billion?! Furthermore, the US claims 25% of that, with $21.2 billion in sales every year. We played with toys as kids. However, did you realize that if you had kept some of those toys in mint condition, you could have sold them for a great many dollars today? Look at our rundown of 12 uncommon and important toys listed below to believe it!
Please note: The costs here are liable to change depending on what individuals are offering.

1. Barbie Doll Set – $161,000

This doll was launched by Mattel, the American toy company at the American International Toy Fair in March,1959. Barbie dolls have had many variations in the most recent 55 years. Throughout the decades, Barbie has had many faces, professions, outfits, companions, relatives, and different adventures. Nevertheless, one thing remains constant and that is; her place in the hearts of young and old girls.

2. Pokemon Pikachu Illustrator Card – $150,000

The Pokemon trading card game was initially presented by Wizards of the Coast in North America in January 1999. Thought to be one of the rarest cards ever delivered, the Pikachu Illustrator card highlights an uncommon double star. Just six of these cards were ever constructed. Furthermore, they were given as prizes in the 1997 Japanese Pokemon Card Game Illustration Contest.

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