4 Reasons – Trekkies Started To Love Battlestar Galactica More Than Star Trek!


The Star Trek fans are faced with a new dilemma ever since they got hooked on to Battlestar Galactica. As expected, the comparisons are sure to happen. But the disturbing part for the ‘Trekkers’ is that they are developing a strong liking for Battlestar Galactica, even more than the Star Trek. Suddenly, Star Trek is not the gospel on space exploration, and while some are happy with this change, others are still analyzing that what brought about this significant behavioral shift. Here are 4 solid reasons that place Battlestar Galactica over Star Trek. Let the comment war start!

1. It Thrives On Reality, And Not Aspirational Reality.

Star Trek is based in a time when the human beings have attained the elite status in the Galaxy. Interstellar globalization, easy transportation across galaxies, replicator machines and many more advancements are available for the use of human beings. Intangibles like Culture, scarcity, borders, interpersonal tensions, superiority complexes, arrogance have all ceased to exist, and the place is the ideal ‘utopian’ world. Move to the world of Battlestar Galactica; and you will start to feel that this is the world that we will probably live in the future, yes its bleak, but closer to the reality. People work hard for their money, beat their spouses, hate their bosses, fear death, the Government is defunct, and much more such aspects. The race of Galactica is also not on an exploratory mission but protecting itself from a race of genocidal robots. All this is more believable, and not aspirational, as shown in Star Trek.


2. Even The Sci-Fi Is More Real Than Fictional

Both the shows are geek’s paradise with complex terms and sentences brimming with scientific terms. The difference is that the sci-fi of Galactica is quite real. The sci-fi on the show does not just involve destroying the bridge, getting into a time warp, vanishing of shuttlecrafts, and saving other alien beings. Instead, much of it deals with surviving apocalypses and natural disasters – a result of man’s own doings. Such is the scenario we face today where man’s exploitation of nature has led to nature exploiting the humans now. No surprise that the audiences are now more open to disaster movies, zombie shows and all. The underlying message in the words of Galactica’s Commander William Adama is, “You can’t play God and then wash your hands off the things you’ve created.” So true, and captures the essence of the show nicely.

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