5 Of The Coolest Lightsabers In The Galaxy.


When you think of Star Wars or any Science Fiction film for that fact, you usually think of the catalyst of all Sci-Fi film awesomeness.  Star Wars!

I know I do anyways, and what comes with Star Wars? Awesome and unbelievable lightsaber technology that has amazed me since I was a young child at the theater for my first time seeing A New Hope.  I remember seeing the lightsaber light up and hearing the unique sound of that elegant weapon as Obi Wan showed Luke Skywalker his Fathers lightsaber for the first time.

Although he didn’t bother to tell him what his Father did with that lightsaber lol, Let us take a moment of silence for all the young Padawans that Anakin Skywalker struck down in the name if the Darkside.  Ok, now that we are past that, lets talk about why you are here.  To see some of the coolest lightsabers that were in the Star Wars Universe.

We have compiled five awesome sabers and we want you to tell us which is your favorite of the bunch. I personally love the custom saber that you will see as the grand finally of the photo line up!

Enjoy the sabers and tell us your favorite! May the Force Be With You…





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