6 Actresses Who May Play She-Hulk In Upcoming Netflix Series!


Hulk is one of the most prominent fictional superheroes of all time. However, his lawyer cousin She-Hulk has been missing from the gigantic Marvel universe for some reason! But not for long, because Netflix is working on a project to get the Glamorous She-Hulk in a live-action series. The new series will be set in the same Netflix universe as the Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Punisher, Elektra, and Iron-fist. Hulk was a quiet famous comic book character even before he landed in the movies; he even had a hit TV series and many cartoon shows dedicated to him. However, this is not the case for She-Hulk, she may have a decent following in the comic books world, but she has never been in a live-action avatar before, and the biggest question that people have in their heads regarding She-Hulk is that – Who is going play this iconic, impactful, charming yet intimidating character? Should they use CGI for her transformation or they should get body-builder-cum-actress to play the She-Hulk? If they use all CGI, wouldn’t the budget be huge? Do Netflix and Marvel want to invest this much on She-Hulk’s character? Well, at this moment there are countless questions regarding the series but if we go by the rumors, here are the names of the actresses who are currently competing to grab this role, and instead of just showing you guys the names of actresses, we did some photo manips to make them look like She-Hulk! Here the actresses whom may don the green colored mantle of She-Hulk

1. Jessica Biel


2. Rosario Dawson

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  1. Nope non of the choices you list would fit. They could pull of the before if you account for race as her cousin (Bruce Banner) would be white she would have to be white or mixed. The after none of them have the build you must look for a build that is muscled but still feminine. you can force perception for height but for a more natural feel and look for the series you need to find someone that actually looks it. UFC’s Ronda is close and could probably get closer to the look and actually have known fighting skills that would benefit the role. Zoe would be a close second but would need to bulk up. Paige Hathaway is a fitness model and almost fits the look, do not know about the height, but like I said forced perception for height. Tired of the cgi Lue was a good hulk something similar to his performance and look in the original but the female counterpart would make the cost less, and look more believable.


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