8 Extremely Creepy Things Said To Cosplayers In Conventions That Will Make You Angry And Disappointed.


Personally, I think the best part of Comic Con is the Cosplayers. Now for people who are not familiar with the comic lingo, Cosplayers are those who volunteer to dress up as comic characters and perform like them. The incredible hulks, Jokers, Harry potters or any other character alike you see at Comic Cons who perform little parts for the audience add life to the whole event.
It is normal for people to be really excited and be in awe of the Cosplayer, as they are dressed up in the attire of our favorite fictional comic characters that we have hopelessly fallen for. But does that give us right to misbehave with them? Let’s not forget that at the end of the day, they are people like you and me.
A lot of people appreciate and enjoy the presence of Cosplayers as they are, but some go overboard. Some of the Cosplayers have shared their uncomfortable experiences with over the top creepy fanatics mulling over them.
According to a survey conducted by Buzzfeed about the creepiest things the female Cosplayers have heard, shocking revelations have come out, ranging from “ I can’t believe, I really met you”, “are you married?” moving towards extremely absurd and gross things such as “can I put my hand on your ass?”
Comic Cons are for people to enjoy and mingle with other Comic buffs; one should not miss the purpose of it. Art is meant for liberating your mind, and the Cosplayers are present to add to the whole experience of the event. It’s just sad when they are mistreated due to the costume that they passionately adorn. Click pictures with them, enjoy their performance and their cool clothes, just don’t cross your limits and make them uncomfortable.
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