8 Fun Facts About The Slave Leia Costume In “Star Wars”


Carrie Fisher said of her scandalous ensemble from Return Of The Jedi; “I remember that iron bikini I wore in ‘Episode VI’: what supermodels will eventually wear in the seventh ring of Hell.”
It’s a well-known fact that Fisher disliked the outfit which has aroused fan fantasies for eras, inspired numerous imitations and huge amounts of popular culture references. However, apart from the arguments and contentions, this little swimsuit has some of the most intriguing histories. Here they are;

1. Fisher Was Compelled To Lose Weight

On the audio recording for Return Of The Jedi, Fisher clarified how before they began shooting, Lucas had shown her the sketches of the bikini. She stated; “He showed me to frighten me into exercise, I think. He succeeded.”
Be that as it may, it wasn’t only a recommendation. Fisher was particularly advised to tone her stomach muscles so that there would be no folds or wrinkles when she sat before Jabba.


2. George Lucas Personally Designed It

Or rather, he helped the design crew more on this costume than any other. The scene was meant to drum up a buzz in the audience, moving the focus from Leia’s picture as the quarrelsome rebel pioneer to her charm as a lady. The slave Leia outfit designer, Aggie Rodgers, who made the bikini, disclosed Lucas’ contribution, as he sent her many sketches and insisted upon his involvement along the progression of the bikini’s creation. In any case, that wasn’t the only input Lucas had when it came to making the iconic picture of Slave Leia.

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