Top 25 Strongest Jedi of All Time

Top 25 Strongest Jedi of All Time

Throughout the decades since George Lucas discharged Star Wars in 1977, the establishment has acquainted us with numerous amazing Jedi that can kick some genuine butt. While there are a ton of potential possibility for this rundown, we chose to restrict it to just those Jedi who remained consistent with the Light Side of the Force or was reclaimed before their passing. Thus, this rundown excludes characters who kicked the bucket serving the Dark Side, or Force clients who never became Jedi.

For a very long time, the main thing the normal motion picture goer thought about the Jedi was that they were ground-breaking clients of the Force who shielded the universe from obscurity. We just had the expressions of Obi-Wan Kenobi to youthful Luke Skywalker in A New Hope to give us a trace of what the Jedi resembled. At that point, the Star Wars prequels turned out, and we were immersed with Jedi. Jedi turned into very common. You couldn’t go five seconds in the prequels without running into an arbitrary Jedi.

With all these Jedi coasting around, it’s difficult to monitor who will be who and who is more grounded than who. Never dread, list peruser, whoever you may be. We’ve aggregated a rundown of the absolute most well-known Jedi, and we are going to rank them from weakest to most ground. The criteria for any character on this rundown is that they be Jedi. No Sith is going to appear here. In any case, certain Jedi, pre-Dark Side, are going to show up once in a while. Their capacity levels will be dictated by data we think about them from the motion pictures and how frequently we see them give off an impression of being obviously ground-breaking.

There’s a solid case that can be made for the Jedi to be the coolest characters in the entirety of fiction. They have rich laser swords, they can move things with their psyche, and they can control other living creatures with their contemplations. In the event that a Jedi is sufficiently amazing, there’s fundamentally nothing they can’t do.Presently, before we begin, you should realize that you might not have known about a great deal of Jedi on this rundown. This is a rundown that solitary bad-to-the-bone Star Wars fans may perceive completely. All things considered, we’ll update you regarding each character’s personality. Peruse on the off chance that you need to plunge into the’s who of the Jedi.

25. Agen Kolar

Agen Kolar

Agen Kolar is the person who gets butchered first by Emperor Palpatine when an entire bundle of Jedi are sent to capture him. Out of four as far as anyone knows incredible and deadly Force clients, he is the person who just takes a gander at the Emperor while he hauls out his lightsaber and stands by persistently to be speared. He proved his capacity as an educator by having his very own Padawan at a certain point, yet his understudy got dispatched before him since he was not able give sufficient insurance. Hello, he went to Geonosis and endure, so great job, Agen Kolar!

24. Saesee Tiin

Saesee Tiin

Likewise present in the main 25 Jedi ever is Saesee Tiin, the other person who gets wiped out rapidly by Palpatine, scarcely shielding himself. The Clone Wars just as a few standard books reveal to us that he was an imposing contender, however you wouldn’t realize that from his film appearances. Certainly, he helped during the Battle of Geonosis, however that is fundamentally what he accomplished for more often than not: Tiin can as a rule be discovered remaining out of sight and aiding at the best of his capacities, without making a big deal about a distinction.

23. Barriss Offee

Barriss Offee

The way of Barriss Offee is a shocking one: She was a promising Padawan who battled in the Clone Wars, frequently being at the bleeding edge of significant missions. The proceeding with war, and the occasions she saw caused her to lose her confidence in the Jedi Order, something which showed in the most noticeably awful manner conceivable: she composed a blast at a Jedi Temple. She at that point attempted to get another person encircled, fizzled at it, and was brought away to jail gone forever. Like a NHL new kid on the block who couldn’t get over her sophomore droop, Offee indicated potential yet won’t make it into the history books.

22. Even Piell

Even Piell

He can be found in Episode I and II during Jedi Council scenes, yet he is best associated with neglecting to escape in the wake of being caught during the Clone Wars, notwithstanding having both Anakin and Obi-Wan being sent to save him. He at any rate gave some craftiness by ensuring that his strategic be effective in spite of his own disappointment. He makes it out of the absolute lowest grade since he in any event battled a smidgen and gave some character, not at all like the celebrated additional items and the one-punch knockouts sent to capture Palpatine.

21. Luminara Unduli

Luminara Unduli

This Jedi took an interest in the renowned Geonosis battle of Episode II, and afterward, very little occurred. She became well known by showing up in a couple of Clone Wars scenes, however she lost a duel to Asajj Ventress and must be spared by other, increasingly experienced Jedi. She wasn’t taken out during Order 66, she was just caught. She was executed in jail later, and her remaining parts were utilized to draw other Jedi to their fate. I don’t feel that Power touchy fly snare is the sort of inheritance that shoots you to the highest point of these rankings.

20. Aayla Secura

Aayla Secura

In spite of the fact that Aayla Secura is entirely well known in the Star Wars people group, she really didn’t do much close to show up in Episode III and a bunch of Clone Wars scenes. Her appearances normally depicted her as a general, which shows that she was in any event a skilled warrior. She most broadly perishes on the fantastically bright planet of Felucia, being shot in the back by her very own troopers during Order 66. Her destruction, however clouded by the planet’s vegetation, was one of the most merciless of the Jedi cleanse.

19. Adi Gallia

Adi Gallia

Adi Gallia is one of the most dark names on this positioning, since she doesn’t get the chance to do much in the motion pictures. Notwithstanding, she participates in the Clone Wars, and she gets a couple of chances to show what she is made of. She is instrumental to the salvage of a caught Jedi Master, and even gets to effectively battle General Grievous twice. It is Savage Oppress, who is both Darth Maul’s sibling and the trouble maker with the most on-the-nose name ever, who defeated her in a duel.

18. Quinlan Vos

Quinlan Vos

Quinlan Vos had a truly cool ability that I don’t recall seeing in numerous other Jedi: he could detect the history in an item basically by contacting it. That made him a fantastic tracker and agent, abilities that he utilized on various mystery missions. He in the end worked with Asajj Ventress to kill Count Dooku yet fizzled. The pair built up somewhat of an affection association during the difficulty, which is the one thing that prevented him from tumbling to the Dark Side. His first appearance was on Mos Espa in Episode I, however he was not named by then.

17. Depa Billaba

Depa Billaba

On the off chance that you have just observed her sitting easily on the Jedi Council in Episode I, you’re feeling the loss of a fascinating back story. Billaba’s beginning was in the end investigated in the comic arrangement Kanan, which depicts the beginning of Kanan Jarrus, who might turn into a principle character on Star Wars Rebels. Depa Billaba shows up in the comic since she was Kanan’s Jedi Master, giving him the general tour and being an inside and out great instructor. Together, they endure numerous risky experiences with the Seperatists. She would in the long run penance herself during Order 66, taking on her legion of Clone Troopers, to ensure that Kanan lived.

16. Shaak Ti

Shaak Ti

Shaak Ti was famous enough to be kept caught up with during the Clone Wars animation. She prepared the clones on Kamino and was engaged with the vast majority of the significant missions and fights. Continuously depicted as one of the most shrewd Jedi in the Order, she loses a couple of focuses in view of Lucasfilm’s absence of regard. Regardless of showing up in both Episode II and III, she was not esteemed significant enough to keep her last scene from being cut. You need to watch the erased scenes area of the Revenge of the Sith DVD on the off chance that you need to know how she met her end.

15. Ki-Adi Mundi

Ki-Adi Mundi

Showing up in each prequel film, Ki-Adi Mundi was one of the more outwardly striking Jedi on-screen, with his long skull and wispy facial hair. A skilled general in the Jedi Order, he drove the soldiers in different fights all through Episode II and III just as more than 20 scenes of The Clone Wars. Continuously a cynic, he was an imposing contender, and one of the MVP of the Battle of Geonosis. This was clearly insufficient to keep his own Clone Troopers from shooting him in the gut and killing him.

14. Ezra Bridger

Ezra Bridger

Bridger’s preparation as a Jedi was not finished before the finish of Star Wars Rebels, yet he learned some cool deceives that made him a great Force client. Indeed, even before he began his instruction, he could detect other Force-touchy creatures, experience dreams, and bounce insane separations. His lightsaber abilities were a long way from being choice, as his duel against Darth Vader demonstrated, yet he held improving to the point of having the option to appropriately show the workmanship to others. Not terrible for somebody who began significantly later than Anakin.

13. Ben Solo

Ben Solo

We generally know him as a definitive trouble maker, however before he was Kylo Ren, Ben Solo was a customary Jedi student under his uncle Luke. The main thing we see of him as a genuine Jedi is that he was ground-breaking enough to detect somebody turning on their lightsaber even in his rest. Gracious better believe it, he could likewise crumple and whole building onto somebody in a split second. He didn’t show a lot other than that before turning terrible, yet that is as yet a great presentation of intensity. On the off chance that he had remained on the correct way, he may be keeping pace with Luke.

12. Count Dooku

Count Dooku

The Count was clearly an amazing Jedi during his years on the Light Side of the Force, being the ace of Qui-Gon Jinn and teaching numerous younglings into the craft of lightsaber dueling. Nonetheless, he left the request to turn into a Sith route before he at any point showed up on screen, and a large portion of the cool things he did occurred while he was a miscreant, and not authoritatively a Jedi. Cutting Anakin’s hand would have put him a lot higher, had their arrangements been turned around. In any case, he used to be a dear companion of Yoda, and the green person is specific with regards to his colleagues.

11. Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress

The greater part of her exercises were done as a Sith, however we should recollect the key things that made her an incredible Jedi. To start with, as a Padawan, she helped her Master ensure her home planet for almost 10 years before capitulating to the Dark Side. Second, she returned to being a Jedi in the wake of being double-crossed, and compensated for her wrongdoings by giving up herself to spare Quinlan Voss from the Dark Side. She was held in such high regard at last by the Jedi that they gave her the full praises of a fallen companion.

10. Plo Koon

Plo Koon

Showing up in each prequel motion picture and being a normal on the Clone Wars animation, Plo Koon is increasingly well known for discovering Ahsoka Tano, who might turn into Anakin’s Padawan and a main issue of the arrangement. He invested his energy in the show sparing individuals and participating in hazardous missions. He frequently cooled things like saving both Anakin and Mace Windu, or decimating General Grievous’ own space dispatch. He was constantly depicted as an extraordinary pilot, and as an astute Jedi who held cool under tension.

9. Kit Fisto

Kit Fisto

First showing up in Episode II, Kit Fisto has a terrible name, however is amazingly particular outwardly. This combo makes it difficult to overlook him. He began at the Battle of Geonosis, making due as well as getting some strong screen time for a then-anonymous Jedi. He additionally about crushed General Grievous, just thwarted by a run in from the General’s watchmen close to the finish of the battle. His end on account of Palpatine at any rate made him look like to a lesser degree a sucker than Tiin and Kolar; he had the option to square a few shots before dying.

8. Kanan Jarrus aka Caleb Dume

Kanan Jarrus aka Caleb Dume

He endure Order 66 as a Padawan, spending the next years concealing his Force affectability. He was a still irresolute about his Jedi status when he met with Ezra Bridger, a Force-delicate young person that he encouraged. Jarrus is incredible in light of the fact that he’s one of only a handful few Jedi to turn into a Master after the Order was devastated. Yoda himself even returned from eternity to knight him. The way that he had the option to hold off a whole blast with the Force to spare his own Padawan and the individual he adored demonstrates he was the genuine article.

7. Qui-Gon Jinn

Qui-Gon Jinn

A long way from being the most grounded, Qui-Gon was as yet an extraordinary Jedi in light of the fact that he focused on the supernatural side of the Force. His extraordinary reflection made him the first Jedi to find how to let his soul live after his body’s passing. Depicted on screen as a patient educator and a craftiness warrior. Regardless he got beat true to form by Darth Maul, and that is the person who stood mouth fully open while Obi-Wan flipped over him and cut him down the middle. That is the sort of thing that keeps somebody out of the best 5.

6. Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano

For a Jedi that never made it to a real to life film, Ahsoka Tano had one hell of a profession. She was Anakin’s Padawan and one of the principle characters of The Clone Wars. She drove numerous missions, and in the end left the Order without anyone else after she was erroneously blamed for working with the adversaries. She reemerged in Star Wars Rebels, set during the Civil War, where she helped Kanan Jarrus finish the preparation of Ezra Bridger. She at that point subtly helped the Rebels under the assumed name of Fulcrum, and even endure the Civil War, coming back to her liberated home world.

5. Mace Windu

Mace Windu

Regardless of being depicted by a heavyweight like Samuel L. Jackson, Mace Windu didn’t do all that much during the prequels. He took out Jango Fett with a couple of blows and was tossed out of a window. It even took Vader and Palpatine tag joining together to beat him, with the goal that’s an entirely strong exhibition. The Clone Wars arrangement was a lot kinder to him, as should have been obvious him lead his soldiers in a progressively compelling manner and utilizing his lightsaber all the more forcefully. On the off chance that the old Expanded Universe was as yet thought about ordinance, he may really put significantly higher.

4. Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker

Before his change into Darth Vader, Anakin was a promising Jedi who could have been very something on the off chance that he could just quit whimpering for a couple of moments. His enthusiastic side got him to settle on some horrible choices, making a snowball impact that drove him straightforwardly to his fate. Extremely solid and touchy with the Force, his destruction was letting his temper get him in terrible circumstances, such as getting his legs cut off for instance. It took grasping the Dark Side to really let him accomplish his actual potential, which is an awful exercise for little youngsters viewing the motion pictures.

3. Yoda


In the event that we just go from the films, Yoda was a quiet and shockingly spry Jedi who utilized speed and knowledge in spite of his propelled age. In spite of the fact that he was vanquished by Palpatine, he was incredible enough to turn into a Force apparition and help other Jedinotwithstanding being dead. Without a doubt the most shrewd of all Jedi, the whole adventure would have turned staggeringly extraordinary on the off chance that anybody tried to hear him out now and again. Not exclusively would Anakin never have been prepared, yet Luke never would have lost his hand either. The person has lived for a long time; possibly you should focus on his recommendation.

2. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Not the most fabulous Jedi, however his quiet and gathered conduct could without much of a stretch conquer his different shortcomings. That is the reason despite the fact that Anakin is probably increasingly ground-breaking with the Force, Obi-Wan still could cut his legs off in a duel. Indeed, even years after the fact, it took Kenobi willfully killing his lightsaber for Vader to beat him. His hit rundown doesn’t stop with Anakin Skywalker’s different appendages. He without any help vanquished Darth Maul and General Grievous, making him one of the best warriors in the adventure.

1. Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker

In spite of the fact that he began his instruction well past the prescribed date, Skywalker got preparing from both Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Indeed, even independent from anyone else, he had the option to improve to where he could perform Jedi mind deceives and best Darth Vader in a duel without capitulating to the Dark Side. All the more significantly, when The Last Jedi moved around, Luke was currently ready to extend his whole picture over the universe and to make it unmistakable enough that everybody thought it was truly him. That is an unbelievable accomplishment for any Jedi, one that drives him to the highest point of this positioning.

So that’s our rundown of the most powerfully Jedi in the history of the Star Wars. These warriors are quite the strong space fighters who fought off the Siths including the emperor, Dath Vader himself. They are known for their steadfast fighting techniques and can wield a lightsabre effortlessly. This list is sure to be a liking among Star Wars fans all across the globe!


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