Top 10 Most Powerful Jedi Who Fell In To The Darkside!


We have here, a list of the 10 most fascinating Fallen Jedi. They’ve been ranked on the basis of their power, lightsaber skills, actions, wisdom and other qualities. It’s an amazing rundown and one that will definitely give you a deep insight into the redeemed Sith who are better known as the fallen Jedi.

10. Karness Muur

Murr was initially a highly respected Jedi Knight. He longed for control and got to be distinctly fascinated with the Dark Side. As the Great Schism ripped the Order, the Dark Jedi were banished and fled to Korriban. This was the home-world of the Sith. It ought to be noted that many don’t know the Sith were really a species that the Dark Jedi wound up subjugating and mating. Along these lines, they basically assimilated them and got to be distinctly referred to as ‘Sith’.

Muur dug much further into his alchemy ad sorcery after the enslavement of the Sith. This revolutionized both regions in the Dark Side for centuries to come. His aptitudes were practically unparalleled; he rose Sith magic higher than ever as he made ‘Sithspawn’, who were creatures of gigantic twisted power like Leviathans.

He was an unfathomable duellist and such skills further assisted the idea to the Sith people that he and his kindred Dark Jedi were Gods on account of their innovation. His most effective and vital possession was the Muur talisman. Inside it he could instill mind boggling measures of Dark Side power to the point where he could transform any untrained Force-sensitive being into his own thrall and make an armed force to govern the cosmic system with.

In spite of his inevitable demise, Muur could join his soul to his talisman and remain a powerful force all through the ages. At last his talisman was destroyed around 5000 years after his demise by Cade Skywalker who was Luke’s descendant.

9. Kreia

She was a well respected and effective Jedi Historian in her time. During the Mandalorian Wars Kreia was a loved Jedi Master. However, she fell into disgrace as her apprentice Revan, and her lessons were utilized for resisting the will of the Council to battle the Mandalorians head on and prompted to numerous Jedi following after Revan on this mission. As a result, she was discreetly exiled from the Order.

Thereafter she embraced herself to the Dark Side and inevitably got to be Darth Traya. She became one third of the acclaimed Sith Triumverate that would lead the cobbled leftovers of Revan’s Sith Empire after his reclamation. Indeed, even there she would inevitably be thrown away by her previous students as Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion betrayed her and ingested her Force control. This led to her being cut her off from the Force itself. Nevertheless, gradually and after some time she would re-build her association and look for revenge on both Jedi and Sith.

Kreia was an ace of numerous extraordinary Force powers. She has immense skills and control. Furthermore, she was able to take on Meetra Surik, the Jedi Exile, as her apprentice while covertly plotting to utilize her own vested interests. She figured out how to vanish in clear sight. Supported by re-association with the Force she could “shrink” herself so that no one would take notice of her. Traya could also wipe-out, supplant and control the memories of even Jedi Masters in order to further her own particular objectives.

She eventually met her end because of her last apprentice, Meetra Surik, after she saw Kreia for what she actually was. Be that as it may, her apprentices left their stamp on the cosmic system itself right from Revan onwards, and her impact would shape history for centuries to come.

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