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Top 8 Badass Female Vampires In Anime

Top 8 Badass Female Vampires In Anime

Gothicism originated at the height of literary romanticism about a century ago, entrancing people from all walks of life into the deep night. People continue to be drawn to dark and Gothic stuff, and it seems that this fascination has never fully left the human being. This can be seen in a variety of places, including anime, which has a lot of dark storylines and characters. Dark elements have been very appealing, with many of them being deconstructed in anime. As a result, anime is packed with demons and sweethearts, and dark girls seeking true love. You’re at the right place if you’re looking for some of anime’s most powerful vampires.

Vampires can come in many forms, including anime. Female vampires continue to fascinate many manga readers and anime viewers, despite the abundance of male vampires. Female vampires have their own mystique and charm, despite the fact that they are mostly used to fulfill male desires. Here we have some of the most popular and badass female vampires in anime.

1. Seras Victoria – Hellsing

Seras Victoria – Hellsing

Seras Victoria is one of Hellsing’s main characters. Alucard transformed Seras into a vampire to save her from a potentially fatal bullet wound in the chest, which he also caused in order to kill the vampire priest who was holding her hostage. Seras is well-trained in hand-to-hand combat as a former cop and can quickly take down opponents using a mixture of brute strength and technique. Seras is a strong-willed woman who has been that way since she was a child, as can be seen by her flashbacks. Seras is often referred to as a tomboy, a brave, strong, and heroic young woman who, despite her wild temperament, is not afraid to challenge her master’s orders if they conflict with her personal beliefs.

Given her horrific experience, her commitment to morals and integrity is unusual. She is, however, a dedicated and trustworthy soldier who will faithfully carry out her commander’s orders, providing the commander has proved his or her merit. Her maturity level in contrast to the other characters is debatable; she seems to be the girl that the others could not be, but she has a worldly maturity and superficial intellect that most other characters lack, as well as a kind of nurture winning against nature mentality that most other characters lack.


2. Saya Otonashi – Blood +

Saya Otonashi - Blood +

Saya Otonashi is the lead character in the Blood+ series. She is the firstborn of the Chiropteran Mummy’s daughter, a pure-blooded Chiropteran queen, Diva’s older twin sister, and Hagi’s lover. The original Joel spoiled Saya during her time at the Zoo, and as a result, she grew up to be immature, self-centered, and rude. Her friendships with Diva and Hagi, who helped reveal and nurture her compassion for others, helped her realize this. Saya, overall, was a bright, joyful, and innocent person.

Saya lost her cheerful demeanor and became even more serious and plagued by doubts and guilt after she unintentionally released the vengeful, bloodthirsty Diva upon her foster family and friends and accidentally turned Hagi into her chevalier, along with learning the truth about her life and her own inhuman nature. Saya grows a sweet and caring, although reserved, personality as a result of losing her memory and spending a year in Okinawa with family and friends as an ordinary girl. Saya feels broken and bitter after gaining back her memories, but she still gains a strong resolve to put Diva down no matter how long it takes or how much it requires. She devotes her remaining life to trying to atone for her mistake in releasing Diva by killing her, then to completely destroying the chiropteran threat by killing herself.


3. Shinobu Oshino – Bakemonogatari (Ghost Story)

Shinobu Oshino - Bakemonogatari (Ghost Story)

Shinobu Oshino is a mysterious vampire girl living in Eikou Cram School’s ruins with Meme Oshino as his companion. She resides in Koyomi Araragi’s shadow during the day later in the series.  The vampire Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade’s human name is Shinobu Oshino. Based on who is talking about her or her power level at the time, she is usually referred to as this. Shinobu goes into a deep nightmare after losing much of her vampire powers. She is often seen in Oshino’s place with her hands tucked under her knees and an emotionless expression on her face. With a bitter expression, she frequently spends the majority of the day in one spot, doing mostly nothing.

Shinobu does not talk to anybody, but she is familiar with Koyomi Araragi and Meme Oshino and will cooperate with their requests. Since reconciling with Koyomi, she reverts to her brighter personality. She is very talkative, and her archaic speech often declares her superiority. She mostly plays onto Koyomi’s tendency to be the follower in their relationship. Shinobu has feelings for Koyomi since he saved her in Koyomi Vamp. If he spends too much time with other girls or gets too close to others, she loathes, like Nadeko Sengoku, she is seen to show jealousy.


4. Mina Tepes – Dance in the Vampire Bund

Mina Tepes - Dance in the Vampire Bund

Mina Tepes is the protagonist of the famous anime series Dance in the Vampire Bund. She is the queen of all vampires, but she is referred to as a princess due to her childlike appearance, which she uses to hide her true identity. Mina cares deeply for the Bund, despite the fact that she can appear cold and harsh while dealing with others. She is also incredibly headstrong, refusing to give up even when her life is on the line, and would not hesitate to use blackmail, violence, extortion, or any other illicit activity to ensure the Bund’s safety and the vampire species’ survival. Mina is an expert at hiding her thoughts and emotions on her face.

She listens to only a few trusted people’s advice, but she is in control of the situation almost all of the time. However, she has a softer side, which she often shows around her guardian and lover Akira Kaburagi. When she’s with her friends, she’s more playful and youthful, as if she were an actual twelve-year-old girl. She is, though, prone to being jealous and petty when it comes to Akira. She was initially cruel to Yuki, another girl in love with Akira, and was jealous of her connection with him, to the point that she took a ring Yuki had given to Akira and told Yuki that Akira had given it to her.

5. Shalltear Bloodfallen – Overlord

Shalltear Bloodfallen – Overlord

Shalltear Bloodfallen is a true vampire and the Floor Guardian of the Great Tomb of Nazarick’s first to third floors. Peroroncino was the one who created her. Shalltear has a flirty personality and is open about her sexual preferences, much to her peers’ great annoyance, including her master Ainz. She’s shown a preference for necrophilia, sadomasochism, and bisexuality so far. As a result, Shalltear makes sexual advances toward undead such as Yuri Alpha, who tries to avoid her as much as possible. She, on the other hand, despises rotting corpses. She can be very innocent about some things, despite her apparent shamelessness and honesty.

Shalltear is still self-conscious about her small stature, which she tries to hide by using breast pads. Furthermore, she has a tendency of misinterpreting the 41 Supreme Beings’ old sayings. Shalltear is proud to be a true vampire and takes her role as a Floor Guardian very seriously. On the other hand, she has little patience or tolerance for failure and will often erupt in rage at the first hint of an unfavorable situation. Any servant who disappoints Shalltear will be killed without hesitation. However, she would not blame others for failure to finish tasks that are impossible to begin with.


6. Leticia Draculair – Mondaiji Tachi (Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?)

Leticia Draculair Mondaiji Tachi (Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren't They)

Leticia Draculea is a pure-blooded vampire, one of the rarest in the world, and a former Demon Lord who is now the maid of the No Names community. Leticia is a quiet and reserved girl who tends to go with the flow over asserting herself. Leticia is a person who can make sound decisions. In her younger form, she is normally soft-spoken, but in her older form, she is more outspoken and expresses her emotions more clearly. She takes pride in her status as a vampire and former Demon Lord, but she is willing to give up anything for the sake of her friends.

Leticia genuinely cares for her community and really wants the best for the current members, as shown by her giving up her Gift of Divinity in order to see her community again in order to persuade them to disband. The direction she felt was the most appropriate and best for them to continue surviving. Leticia expressed her gratitude by eagerly taking the opportunity to work as a maid after being rescued, but this could also have been due to her affection for Carla. When it came to Baron La Croix’s perversion, Leticia seemed serious every time she warned others.


7. Moka Akashiya – Rosario + vampire

Moka Akashiya - Rosario + vampire

Moka Akashiya, also known as Mokami Akashiya or Muke Akashiya, is the series’s main female protagonist. She is a Yokai Academy Vampire and the first person Tsukune Aono encounters when he enters the Yokai realm. Moka is a sweet, kind, soft-spoken, polite, and friendly girl who, given her good nature, does have a bit of naivety that gets her into trouble. Although she is initially hostile to humans and distrustful of them, she gradually comes to care about Tsukune Aono, the only human on campus.

Since Tsukune is only human, she is very protective of him and needs to protect him so she can be with him. Moka also expresses her desire to be with him. She and her younger sister Kokoa Shuzen had a childhood dispute until the rosary enclosed the Inner Moka. When her beloved big sister was locked away, Kokoa became distraught, and she spent the next few years chasing Outer Moka, hoping to kill her and reclaim her big sister. Inner Moka adores Kokoa as a sibling, but she finds her too clingy. Outer Moka despises Kokoa’s habit of relentlessly attacking her in attempts to drive out her other personality; she had never been able to remove the rosary and fight back until Tsukune appeared in her life.


8. Yuki Cross – Vampire Knight

Yuki Cross - Vampire Knight

The main protagonist in the Vampire Knight series is Yuki Cross. She is a former Cross Academy student and the Academy’s Guardian. She is later revealed to be the Kuran family’s Pureblood daughter, and she is later awakened as a Vampire by Kaname Kuran, becoming Yuki Kuran. She then leaves Cross Academy but returns to the Night Class later to assist the students in coexisting as planned. Yuki was a cheerful, caring, and a rather comic girl with her signature smile.

She was labeled a poor student because she dislikes learning and fell asleep in class as a result of staying up all night guarding the school grounds and preventing Day Class students from infiltrating the Night Class. She has a really strong bond with her close friends, especially Sayori Wakaba, whom Yuki affectionately refers to as Yori, and Zero Kiryu. Her reluctance and indecisiveness may be attributed to her insecurity over her missing past. As a human, she was seen as siding with vampires, but she feared all vampires, with the exception of Kaname Kuran, because a vampire attacked her when she was a child. She rarely ever left the Cross Academy grounds on her own because of this fear. Yuki doesn’t want to show her fears, so she hides them behind a smile.


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