Top 10 Amazing Games Coming Out In 2017 With Latest Trailers!


2016 was an awesome year for Video games. Truly, the gaming business has spoiled us silly, and we’re excited. We have here, the top video games store for us in 2017. Read on….

1. Halo Wars 2 – February 21

This is one of the greatest computer game franchises ever, and in 2017 it’ll come back to its strategy roots. It’s been quite a while since the first Halo Wars hit racks. Halo Wars 2 will drop precisely seven years after the arrival of its forerunner. Total War developer Creative Assembly guarantees to make it worth the wait. Furthermore, it has put the series in the competent hands of RTS experts.



2. Resident Evil 7 – January 24

For a few, Resident Evil 4 denotes the point where the franchise tumbled off the map. As it is, parts 5 and 6 were its most unremarkable portions. In any case, with a stunning presentation at E3 2016 amid Sony’s press conference where it named Resident Evil 7. This section respects an all new fundamental character to the series, and in its greatest change yet, the game will play completely first-person.


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