Top 11 Most Badass Female Animated Characters

Top 11 Most Badass Female Animated Characters

Animated works are unlike anything else when it comes to lighting up our television screens. These shows and films have brought us some of the most emotional, relatable television moments ever, from childhood classics to stories that cross age and generation. The representation of female characters is one place where animated shows have worked their magic. Evil has never stood a chance against these girls. Most people would accept that live-action productions have taken much longer than necessary to give women enough representation. However, the animated world often surpasses them. For decades, the animated worlds have provided us with a multitude of strong, intriguing female characters that have not only provided us with some remarkable hours of television but also a little bit of inspiration for all of us. With no further delay, here are the 11 most badass female animated characters.

1. Korra – The Legend of Korra

Korra - The Legend of Korra

Korra is Avatar Aang’s immediate successor and the present incarnation of the Avatar. Korra appears to be fierce, independent, and combative on the surface, but she has a deep devotion to her friends and her duty as the Avatar behind her tough exterior. She also possesses admirable compassion and loyalty, as shown by her affection for her family and friends. Her offensive fight style means she is always quick to start or rise to a challenge and quick-witted and impulsive, particularly in high-pressure scenarios.

Korra’s attitude is the polar opposite of Aang, a peaceful, reserved, nomadic airbender, whereas Korra is tough, stubborn, hotheaded, sarcastic, and assertive. When questioning others, she has a habit of getting up close and personal, often grabbing them by the chin to make her case. Furthermore, though Aang was initially apprehensive about becoming the Avatar, to the point of leaving to avoid his duties as the Avatar conflicting with his personal life, Korra fully embraced her role as the Avatar from a young age reveling in its power. She does, however, share Aang’s sense of humor, passion, and vulnerable adolescent charm.

2. Elisa Maza –  Gargoyles

Elisa Maza -Gargoyles

Elisa Maza is the only human member of the Manhattan Clan and a detective, second class, at the 23rd Precinct. Elisa can be tough when the case demands it as a cop in a big city like New York. She is skeptical of the Gargoyles when she first encounters them. Still, once she and Goliath discover a common ground about their responsibility to protect the innocent, they become quick friends. She is concerned with their well-being, even keeping an eye on David Xanatos because the Gargoyles or her family are involved.

Elisa doesn’t take everything at face value and sees the magic of everything, which is why she was so quick to accept the gargoyles. Despite all of the unusual events in her life, she is cautious and skeptical of certain things until she sees them with her own eyes. She’s strong-willed and kindhearted, and, like the gargoyles, she prioritizes the interests of others. Elisa has no fear of evil and confronts all villains with similar courage and resolve, no matter how big or small they are.

3. Kim Possible – Kim Possible

Kim Possible - Kim Possible

Kimberly Ann is a freelance hero/vigilante and a high school student. She is unusual in that she not only does not have a secret identity, but she also maintains cordial relationships with numerous law enforcement, judiciary, and military departments. Her classmates are mostly aware of her work, but they do nothing about it until it explicitly involves them. Kim is one of the most famous students at school, the captain of her cheerleading team, and a straight-A student, rather than the genre’s traditional misunderstood outsider/underdog.

Kim is a self-assured and assertive teenager whose mantra “I can do anything” reflects her understanding of her own skills. Her typical attitude is cheerful and bright, and she has a kind and nurturing spirit that drives her to support others and prioritize their well-being over her own. In certain cases, though, she can be very competitive and arrogant, particularly when others, such as Ron, seem to be doing things better than her. Her competitive temperament and some of her insecurities are typical of a Type A personality. They have also influenced her to develop high standards for herself.

4. She-Ra – She-Ra: Princess of Power 

She-Ra - She-Ra Princess of Power

Adora is the current She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, protector of Etheria, and co-leader of the Princess Alliance and The Rebellion in She-Ra. Adora is a brave, competitive, and honourable warrior who stands by her own values. She makes the life-changing decision to abandon the Horde after seeing what the Horde has done to innocent Etherians. She is reluctantly able to sacrifice her long-time friend, Catra, in order to uphold her values. Despite her decision to abandon the Horde, Adora has proven that she prefers to follow the rules and stick to her plans.

Since she was raised in a military environment, she is not entirely socially competent, and as a result, she is always straightforward and prefers to be ready for battle. As she and her friends keep fighting the Evil Horde, Adora’s courageous deeds, power, and positivity grow. She can be clumsy at times, particularly when it comes to controlling her powers, weapons, or bonding with Swift Wind. Adora/She-Ra strives to transcend her insecurity and become a mighty warrior to liberate Etheria from tyranny.

5. Cheetara – ThunderCats

Cheetara - ThunderCats

Cheetara was a female Thunderian noblewoman who was also a ThunderCats member. Cheetara is a female warrior modeled on the cheetah who, before Pumyra’s later appearance, was the only adult female ThunderCat. Her most notable athletic strength is her exceptional speed, which she employs in combat to evade and dodge attacks effortlessly. Cheetara and her fellow ThunderCats had fled the doomed world of Thundera. After leaving the world, Jaga told Cheetara to wake Lion-O from his slumber, which she did, despite Snarf’s objections.

Cheetara joined the other ThunderCats in fighting off the Mutants as they boarded their ship. Jaga and her fellow ThunderCats gave her a new outfit and her Staff to help her protect herself on their new home. Cheetara’s incredible speed has often rescued the other ThunderCats from danger. She also has a power known as her “Sixth Sense” which allowed her to see into the past and future, though it was extremely exhausting, to the point that she considered it a curse. These visions could occur at any moment, and forcing them to appear could take her days or weeks to recover.

6. Toph Beifong – Avatar The Last Airbender

Toph Beifong - Avatar The Last Airbender

Toph Beifong is an earthbending master and the discoverer of metalbending. Toph is also one of the most powerful of her time. Toph had been blind since birth and had been treated with disdain because of it, particularly by her overprotective parents. Toph added a totally different personality to Team Avatar when she joined. Toph was fiercely independent, sarcastic, blunt, stubborn, and confrontational, unlike the nurturing Katara, flighty Aang, or gruff but goofy Sokka. She shared Aang’s carefree and playful nature, and she behaved and dressed tomboyishly, in contrast to her parents’ perceptions of her as a delicate doll. Toph enjoyed battle and was very proud of her earthbending skill.

She wanted to be “the greatest earthbender in the world” and seemed determined to show that she was as powerful as anybody who could see. When it came to criticising others, particularly her friends, Toph was brutally honest. She was outspoken about her views on others, regardless of their age or social status. Her aloofness or occasional attitude is most definitely due to her being the only child of one of the Earth Kingdom’s wealthiest families. She was an expert at physically taunting and humiliating her rivals and, on occasion, her friends due to her time as a contestant and winner of earthbending tournaments.

7. Wonder Woman – Justice League Unlimited

Wonder Woman - Justice League Unlimited

Wonder Woman, also known as Diana of Themyscira, was the Amazon princess and one of the Justice League’s founding seven members. Diana is established to be among the Justice League’s most powerful members. Diana started off as a clay sculpture. Her mother, Queen of the Amazons Hippolyta, gave her life so that she could have a child of her own.  She was blessed  with unique superhuman abilities, such as extraordinary speed, reflexes, and strength by the Greek Gods.

She also has the ability to fly. Aside from Superman, Diana adds further muscle to the Justice League lineup. She can pulverize solids more rigid than concrete and break apart materials more resistant than steel with her bare hands. Diana is ageless and immortal as a Themyscirian Amazon, allowing her to live forever without physically aging beyond her prime. She is, though, also vulnerable to death if she sustains enough injuries. Diana has referred to herself as a “warrior born” who has had a lifetime of fighting experience thanks to her Amazonian training. She gained experience in both hand-to-hand combat and hand-held weapons as a result of this.

8. Elsa – Frozen

Elsa Frozen

Elsa was born with the ability to manipulate ice and snow, which she used to amuse her younger sister. On the other hand, Elsa’s lack of discipline caused her to live in constant fear of harming others with her abilities, and she spent most of her childhood isolated from the rest of the world. No matter how much it hurt her, Elsa saw it as important to keep her distance from Anna to avoid injuring her. Elsa is much calmer and much more composed than her sister, and she displayed this demeanor to an extreme level before embracing her abilities.

Elsa planned out her actions and words with almost cold and calculated precision, never revealing her emotions. She seemed distant and even unsociable to others, even though she was always capable of behaving playfully. Elsa hid a great deal of guilt and felt incredibly burdened by her supernatural powers behind her reserved exterior. Elsa craved Anna’s company above all else, but she was haunted by the event in which her sister almost died due to her powers.

9. Ahsoka Tano – Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Ahsoka Tano - Star Wars The Clone Wars

Ahsoka Tano, a Force-sensitive Togruta girl from the planet Shili, trained as a Jedi apprentice during the Clone Wars, the fight between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, was nicknamed Snips by her master. Tano’s Jedi training was intended to pull out the positive aspects of her personality, but she also had several aggressive tendencies. She was determined to win in combat, close to her master’s attitude, but she would sometimes sulk when things didn’t go her way. In battle, she often spoke down to others, acting as if she were superior to them, mirroring her master’s attitude.

She was known for her aggressive postures and actions, and she was able to use terror and threats to obtain information. Though Skywalker didn’t realize it, Ahsoka Tano adored being with her master and was proud of her status as his apprentice. Tano treated Skywalker with a casual attitude right away, nicknaming him “Skyguy.” Tano addressed Skywalker as “Master” once a formal Master-Padawan relationship had been established, just as a Padawan was supposed to do. In retaliation for his “Skyguy” dubbing, Skywalker started to refer to her as “Snips” at times because of her feisty personality.

10. Buttercup — The Powerpuff Girls

Buttercup - The Powerpuff Girls

Buttercup, along with her sisters Blossom and Bubbles, is the tritagonist of the animated television series The Powerpuff Girls. She’s the Toughest Fighter, the bravest and most determined of the three superheroes. Buttercup, like her sisters, possesses superhuman strength, agility, endurance, and durability, as well as limited invulnerability, superhuman reflexes, and the ability to fly. Buttercup is a happy-go-lucky tomboy and the most competitive of the Powerpuff Girls, naturally possessing an angrier disposition than Bubbles and Blossom.

She is, though, a bit of a thorn in the side. She seems to love fighting villains and criminals, and she despises girly stuff like skirts and scrapbooking. Buttercup would prefer to hang out with The Derbytantes, a punk culture gang of roller skaters. She also loves playing the death ball with them and is an excellent friend to them. Buttercup hates being called a “princess,” and she’s going to go in an annoyed rage against the villains who call her like that. She’s sassy, too. She can be very rude and defiant, and she often beats up others with little provocation. Out of Buttercup’s whole list of dislikes, her ultimate dislike is to fail. Unlike Blossom and Bubbles, she will still refuse to admit defeat.

11. Mulan – Mulan

Mulan - Mulan

Mulan is the central protagonist in the Disney animated film of the same name. She is the tenacious and strong-willed daughter of a war veteran who works hard to maintain her family’s honor.  She is the only Princess who is not royal by birth or marriage. Mulan is introduced as a free-spirited outcast, a clumsy girl who disregards rules, regulations, and traditions. Despite this, she has a kind heart and only tries to keep her family’s honour while remaining true to herself.

However, because of her society, this is difficult to do and often results in chaos and embarrassment in her life. Mulan’s path is propelled forward by her passion for her father. Mulan steals her father’s orders and reports to the Emperor’s army camp in his place to protect him and to fulfill her need to prove her self-worth. Due to society’s mistreatment of her and the stresses of the society she was born into – especially in the lives of women – she was seen as having self-confidence issues. Mulan’s demeanor changes during her stay at camp; she appears to be physically and mentally tough and self-reliant, impressionable, and tenacious.


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